Iglitsa Pontic photos, therapeutic properties and benefits

Iglitsa Pontic is a medicinal plant culture that has useful properties. For example, the antibacterial effect is most clearly manifested. It is often used for medical purposes and in cosmetic procedures. She has many names, one of them is a “broom of a butcher”, because in ancient times the butcher cleaned their cutting boards with its help. Bacterial actions reduced the risk of meat infection, and the thorns on the plant cleaned the working surface well.

Features of effects on the human body

This plant was known in antiquity and successfully used as follows:

  • Based on it, drugs were prepared that had a positive effect on blood vessels;
  • It is able to increase the tone and strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • Acts as liquefied blood, therefore it is used as a prevention of thrombosis;
  • used as complex therapy of varicose and hemorrhoids;
  • helps in metabolic processes;
  • cleanses the body of toxic substances that can cause a lot of harm;
  • restores blood flow;
  • Stabilizes the water balance.
  • It also helps in inflammatory processes, can narrow the expanded vessels, it is used as a diuretic. But it is also able to remove sand and stones from the body. Therefore, people with this problem cannot use it.

    Iglitsa Pontic photos, therapeutic properties and benefits

    The use of plants in cosmetology

    Pontic Iglitsa in cosmetology is used only as an external remedy. She helps reduce swelling, remove bruises under the eyes. But for this it must be combined with other medicinal plants (ivy, chamomile and others). Using a cream based on it, it is possible to remove harmful substances from fabrics.

    Iglitsa Pontic photos, therapeutic properties and benefits

    This is a very good remedy for rosary therapy. After all, it has antiinflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. If such a disease arose due to impaired blood flow, then this therapy will be most effective. Because it will help to cope with external and internal problems.

    Pontic Iglitsa is often used as venotonic substance. It helps to cope with blood stagnation in the vessels of the legs. Also suspenses the process of further development of diseases.

    Iglitsa Pontic photos, therapeutic properties and benefits

    In cosmetology, it is used in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. Usually it is part of a cosmetic cream. It will restore blood flow and metabolic processes. Will remove toxins from the body and give cells an impetus to regeneration.

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