Improving soil fertility | A set of measures to improve chernozem soils

The warm time of the year has already come, and most of our compatriots went to help parents to the gardens, or they sunbathe in the dachas. In order for our work not to be in vain, and in the fall we could see an excellent crop should be worried about the fertility of the land. Fertility is the ability of the Earth to satisfy the needs of the plant in minerals and fertilizers. It should be remembered that the soil is getting tired, and cannot constantly give a good harvest, with each sowing season, soil fertility gradually disappears. Therefore, we should think about our land, because the earth is an inexhaustible source of wellbeing. No wonder our predecessors were proud of the fertility of our black zones. We will try to consider in what ways its power can be returned to the earth.

Combining sowing crops

The most popular, and at the same time an environmentally friendly way is to combine sowing crops. Rest should be given the ground, but so that the last juices do not drink weeds from it, you should take care of it. The combination method consists in the sowing of garden crops that fill the Earth with minerals. It has long been known that if you give the earth to rest a year, and to plant it, for example, buckwheat, then the next season the crop will be very high. But it is not necessary for us to give a simple site to our own, in addition to the main culture, we can sow there some other plant, which will nourish with its useful substances and land and grid neighbors. The most successful cultures for combining, in the neighborhood with which everything that is only possible is buckwheat, Issop and mustard.

These garden crops differ from their “colleagues” in that they do not absorb nutritious properties, but give them to the soil. In addition, the root system of these plants is quite branched, which allows the soil not to be trampled, but to be soft and fluffy, and devourly to let water through. As we have already said, this is such a “grandfather” method that has reached us for a long time, from our greatgrandmothers and greatgrandfathers.

Using fertilizers when landing

Another method of fertilizer of the Earth is to use fertilizers when planting. Fertilizers can generally be divided into 2 categories: natural and chemical. Natural fertilizers usually include compost, bird droppings, manure. Compost can be prepared at home, for this you should pour the rotted leaves of walnut with water, add onion cleaning and let it brew for several days in a dark and cool place. Also, a biohumus can be attributed to natural fertilizer, it is a product of processing rainworms, which is saturated with calcium and phosphorus, which will be useful in the crop. In recent years, in a variety of stores, before starting the boarding season, living rainworms have been sold so that the biohumus is natural (no one knows what exactly is sold in stores under the guise of a fertilizer).

Chemistized fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers can be purchased at any outlet. Most often, seasoned summer residents use nitrogen crystals that contain calcium and magnesium solutions, and many other means. It is only important to remember that chemical fertilizers are a kind of doping for plants and soil, and if you do not want to finally ruin the fertility of your land, you should not overdate the chemicals. It is much easier to use natural “stimulants”, they certainly will not do any harm. Well, an unpleasant aroma can be experienced for the sake of a chic crop.

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