Indoor tropical plant

Free flowers are the most spectacular and simple way to give home a cozy look. But the flowers familiar to everyone are already boring, we recommend that experienced flower growers pay attention to tropical plants. Requiring special care, they will help to bring a special charm to the interior.

What tropical plants look most impressive

Plants that will decorate the windowsill in the best way:

  • Anturium the plant charms heartshaped foliage and a wide color palette. Color can be either saturatedly purple or pale cream. Gives fruits, but the berries both yellow and red are contraindicated for eating for food. Learn more information about the plant and how to care for the anthurium will tell Cleo, and we will continue our list;
  • a lemon tree you can even grow it from a grain, but further care can cause difficulties a tree needs the attention of a flower grower and does not tolerate direct sunlight and coolness;
  • Venerin flyer is a plant, although it is quite suitable for indoor growing. Not poisonous and not toxic;
  • Tillandsia is blue the spikeshaped flower usually grows on trees and rocks, at home is demanding of the flower grower needs special plastic plates that will ensure the convenience of growth;
  • Clairia a bush plant of short stature will delight with unusual flowers in the shape of a bell. In the winter, it needs rest, it is recommended to trim the upper stems for this period;
  • smallleaved Columneus an ampelous plant with hanging shoots that can reach one and a half meters. Loves humidity, it is recommended to conduct daily spraying with purified water.
  • Plant care advice

    Accustomed to special habitats, tropical plants need special care.


    Plants on the windowsill they need good lighting. However, make direct sunlight so that they do not get on them. White paper glued to the window or blinds can help here.


    Comfortable temperature is in the framework from +15 to +25 ° C. Make sure that in the winter season the temperature regime is observed in the room.

    Air humidity

    Accustomed to conditions of high humidity, it is difficult to transfer the dry air of ordinary apartments. You can fix the situation with a moisturizer and a bowl of warm water and fan.


    One of the most important nuances of competent floriculture is the correct selection of a container. It is necessary to focus on the size of the root system, but you should not sharply transplant the flower into a large container the maximum difference should be no more than 5 cm.

    The soil

    For comfortable growth, life and flowering, it is necessary to prepare loose soil with a high content of organics.


    Tropical plants should not be poured with water it is worth it to drink when the earth in the pot is already dried up. But the irrigation will have to be performed regularly-every two to three days.


    In order not to harm the overseas flower, approach the issue of top dressing with great responsibility dose fertilizer. The grammar indicated on the package should be reduced by 1.5 times. It is better to feed more often, but in minimal doses.

    Pests protection

    At the first signs of color damage, treat the affected area with a solution of laundry and vegetable oil, if special products are not at hand.

    Not all types of tropical plants are suitable for home cultivation, but if you choose those who are popular with gardeners and lovers of indoor plants, then with proper care they will allow you to revive the house and add the interior originality of originality.

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