Industrial ecology the basics, problems and tasks of industrial ecology

Today, the problems of the influence of industry on the environment are very relevant, since the activities of metallurgical, chemical, energy, machinebuilding and other enterprises cause irreversible harm to nature. In this regard, such a discipline as industrial ecology has appeared in the field of scientific knowledge. She studies the interaction of industry and the environment. In the context of this problem, the state of the atmosphere and water, soil and vibrations, electromagnetic and radiation radiation on the territory of specific objects is investigated. It also considers how the enterprise affects the ecology of the settlement where.

All this allows us to assess the real threat to nature:

  • the degree of pollution of the biosphere;
  • mechanisms for changing natural processes;
  • consequences of the activities of enterprises.
  • Environmental monitoring

    Ecologists provide results of how the environment is changing under the influence of industry, predict the future situation. This makes it possible to take environmental measures in a timely manner, to oblige the installation of treatment facilities at plants and factories. At the moment, there is a trend that many enterprises are more economically profitable to pay fines than to install filters. For example, some unscrupulous factories practically do not treat industrial wastewater, but dump it into local water bodies. This not only pollutes the hydrosphere, but also causes diseases for people who drink water in the future.

    All this greatly complicates the struggle of environmentalists with industrial enterprises. Ideally, they must comply with all requirements and norms so as not to harm nature. In practice, everything is much more complicated. It is industrial ecology that allows us to consider and solve many environmental problems that arose due to the activities of enterprises.

    Problems of industrial ecology

    This discipline considers a wide range of problems:

  • ecology of the mining industry;
  • energy ecology;
  • ecology of a chemical enterprise;
  • waste recycling;
  • Operation of natural resources.
  • The complex of problems of each object depends on the features of the work of this enterprise. Industrial ecology considers all stages and life cycles of production. Based on this, recommendations are developed how to make activities more effective and less harmful to the environment.

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