Industrial environmental pollution with waste

In many cities of the world there is such an environmental problem as industrial pollution. Sources of pollution are plants, factories, electric and hydroelectric power stations, boiler houses and transformer substations, gas filling and gas distribution stations, warehouses for storage and processing of products.

Types of industrial pollution

All industrial facilities carry out pollution in various ways and substances. The most common types of pollution are:

Industrial environmental pollution with waste
  • Chemical. Dangerous for the environment, human and animal life. Pollutants are such chemicals and compounds as formaldehydes and chlorine, sulfur dioxide and phenols, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide
  • Pollution of the hydrosphere and lithosphere. Enterprises discharge wastewater, oil and fuel oil spills, garbage, toxic and poisonous liquids occur
  • biological. Viruses and infections enter the biosphere, which spread in the air, water, soil, cause diseases in humans and other living organisms. The most dangerous are the causative agents of gas gangrene, tetanus, dysentery, cholera, fungal diseases
  • Noise. Noises and vibrations lead to diseases of the hearing apparatus and nervous system
  • Thermal. Warm water flows change the regime and temperature of the environment in the water areas, some plankton species die off, and others occupy their niche
  • radiation. Particularly dangerous pollution that occurs as a result of accidents at nuclear power plants, during the release of radioactive waste and during the production of nuclear weapons
  • Electromagnetic pollution. Occurs due to the operation of power lines, radars, television stations, and other objects that form radio fields
  • Methods for reducing industrial pollution

    First of all, the reduction of industrial pollution depends on the enterprises themselves. In order for this to happen, the management of factories, stations and other facilities must themselves control the work process, pay special attention to the cleaning and disposal of waste. In addition, it is necessary to use low-waste technologies and environmental developments that will reduce pollution and minimize the impact on the environment. Secondly, the reduction of pollution depends on the competence, care and professionalism of the workers themselves. If they do an excellent job at the enterprise, this will reduce the risk of industrial pollution of cities.

    Industrial environmental pollution with waste
    Industrial environmental pollution with waste
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