Inexhaustible Natural Resources Examples and Characteristics

The inexhaustible resources of the Earth are processes that are characteristic of it as a cosmic body. This is mainly the energy of solar radiation and its derivatives. Their number does not change, even with prolonged use. Scientists divide them into conditionally inexhaustible and inexhaustible resources of the planet.

Resources are conditionally inexhaustible

This subgroup of resources includes climate and hydrosphere. Climate is the pattern of weather that persists over many years. It is a complex of thermal and light energy radiation. Thanks to him, optimal conditions are created on the planet, favorable for all forms of life. Already, based on climatic characteristics, special adaptations are formed in living organisms, for example, to survive in an arctic or arid climate. The state of the climate affects the maturation and abundance of plants, as well as the distribution of representatives of the animal world on earth. The exhaustion of climate as a phenomenon of the Earth cannot occur, but due to atomic explosions, regular pollution of the biosphere and environmental disasters, climatic indicators can significantly worsen.

Water resources, or the World Ocean, are the most important resources of the planet that provide life for all creatures. In principle, the hydrosphere cannot be destroyed, but due to domestic and industrial pollution, environmental disasters and its irrational use, water quality is deteriorating. Thus, not only fresh water suitable for human consumption is polluted, but also the aquatic environment in which many species of flora and fauna live.

Inexhaustible Natural Resources Examples and Characteristics

Inexhaustible resources

The resources of this subgroup are presented below:

  • the energy of the Sun is necessary for many phenomena and processes, and people have learned to use it for economic purposes;
  • wind a derivative of solar energy, is formed during the heating of the planet’s surface, and wind energy is also used for life, there is a “wind energy” industry in the economy;
  • the energy of water currents, ebb and flow, which are formed due to the power of the seas and oceans, is used in hydropower;
  • internal heat provides people with normal air temperature.
  • As a result, people enjoy the benefits of inexhaustible resources every day, but they are not valued, because they know that they will never end. However, you cannot live so selfconfident. Although it is impossible to fully spend them, but even inexhaustible natural resources of the Earth can deteriorate in quality.

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