Irish Setter: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Ireland
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    58–70 cm
  • The weight:
    14–32 kg
  • Age:
    10–14 years old
  • FCI breed group:
  • Brief information

  • a calm, energetic and intelligent dog who is always ready to work in the house;
  • excellent hunting assistant;
  • Suitable for active families and single people.
  • Character

    This good-natured dog rightfully owns the title of the most beautiful hunter. Brown eyes, a thoughtful look and silky long hair the charm of the Irish Setter is impossible to resist.

    Irish Setter: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance

    A handsome hunter also has a corresponding character: he is decisive and courageous. Energetic, intelligent and active, the Irish Setter is a great companion for families with children. The setter will make even the laziest owner run. It is believed that this breed is chosen by people who are passionate about sports, because the dog will gladly share the various activities of the owner.

    The Irish Setter is friendly and outgoing. He will meet a stranger, joyfully wagging his tail. Therefore, this dog is not very suitable for the role of a guard or watchman: it is likely to make friends with the thief too much. But the nanny of representatives of this breed is one of the best! The Irish setter is ready to mess with children all day, and adults may not worry it will not touch the kids. This dog will easily get along with other animals in the house. The love of the Irish setter is enough for all.

    To educate representatives of this breed is easy and pleasant. The dog tries to please the owner, and due to intellectual abilities, he understands him at the same time. Some breeders believe that even children can train the Irish.


    The Irish setter has a beautiful long hair, the care of which, although necessary, is still not so complicated. It is enough to comb the dog several times a week to prevent the formation of stiffs. During the molting period, this will have to be done daily.

    Bathe the Irish Setter as needed, but not very often. The fact is that his skin secretes a special fat that creates a protective layer on the coat, thanks to which the dog’s coat is so shiny and silky. In the process of washing the pet, this fat is washed off along with the dirt. Therefore, in order to avoid this, you should refrain from too frequent water procedures.

    Conditions of detention

    Irish Setter can’t sit still. This hyperactive dog needs many hours of daily walks. By the way, it is believed that representatives of this breed, despite their character, feel quite comfortable both in a private house and in a city apartment. The owner only needs to equip the pet with a sunbed. Life outside the city for this dog is possible only in the house, and not in his own aviary. She is too attached to a person and without a master she will be very homesick, even knowing that he is somewhere nearby.

    The activity of the setter is reflected in the condition of his bones and joints. In adulthood, representatives of this breed need a balanced diet that will help prevent the development of arthrosis. The owner should pay special attention to food designed specifically for this breed.

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