Juniper is high from the red book a description for children and photos

The juniper is tall it is an evergreen coniferous tree, the area of ​​existence of which covers such territories:

  • Crimea;
  • Asia Minor;
  • Caucasus;
  • Middle Asia;
  • Balkans;
  • Southeast Europe
  • Distinctive features are drought tolerance and light love, however, at the same time, it can withstand low temperatures, in particular, there is a resistance to frosts up to 25 degrees Celsius.

    Reduction of the population

    Despite the wide population, it slowly but confidently decreases against the background:

  • cutting of juniper forests, including for the manufacture of souvenirs and crafts;
  • expansion of resort construction;
  • progression of agricultural activity;
  • lesions with juniper berry tick.
  • In addition, such a plant is widely used in the technical and essentialoil industry.

    Juniper is high from the red book a description for children and photos

    Short description

    The juniper is tall it is a shrub or tree that can reach up to 15 meters in height. Characterized by a pyramidal or sisovable bark with a dark gray color and scales. The branches are quite thin, acquire a brown-red tint, and in shape rounded-four-sided.

    The leaves are numerous and small, often a silver-green shade, and in shape they are oval or oblong. In this case, there is an oval or almost completely round spinal piece of iron.

    This type of juniper is a singleday tree that gives single and spherical pins. Their diameter can vary from 9 to 12 centimeters. Color-purple-black, often with a dense whitish coating.

    Seeds are on average up to 8 pieces, while they are oblong-ovate and have stupid ribs. Outside, the upper part is covered with wrinkles.

    Dusting since March or April, and the seeds ripen only by autumn. Propagated mainly with the help of seeds carried by wind, proteins or birds. In addition, vaccinations can be used for such a purpose.

    A person uses only the wood of this plant, since it burns well and smells good. The main areas of application carpentry and construction. It is also used as fuel.

    Unlike other trees or shrubs, the juniper is often very often subjected to diseases, in particular, rust and shutta, nectarium or biartorelilla cancer, as well as alternariosis. The main pest is the rust of the rust of the pear.

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