Kerry Blue Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance

Kerry Blue Terrier: Dog breed characteristics, photo, character, maintenance and content rules Petostory


  • Country of origin: Ireland
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    44–49 cm
  • The weight:
    15–18 kg
  • Age:
    about 15 years
  • FCI breed group:
  • Brief information

  • Stubborn and wayward;
  • Another name for the breed is the Irish Blue Terrier;
  • Bold and smart.
  • Character

    The exact origin of the Kerry Blue Terrier has not yet been established. Together with the Irish Terrier and Wheaten Terrier, it is believed to be descended from Irish dogs. The Kerry Blue Terrier was an assistant to the peasants: he participated in the hunt, guarded the house and protected it from small rodents. Therefore, it was the farmers who were engaged in the selection of the breed. The Kerry Blue Terrier has been crossed with the Irish Wolfhound, the Black and Tan Terrier, the Bedlington and even the Wheaten Terrier.

    There is a legend that, on the one hand, the ancestors of this breed were beautiful dogs that survived a shipwreck off the coast of County Kerry, and on the other hand, wheaten terriers. As a result of their union, the Kerry Blue Terrier was born.

    Today, representatives of this breed are excellent companions who also act as service dogs. Slightly stubborn and independent, the Kerry Blue Terrier requires a strong hand and nurturing. If the owner had no experience with dogs, it is better to entrust the training to a professional.

    Kerry blue terrier is a fast learner. This is a quick-witted and intelligent dog, which can sometimes lack discipline. But this is only a manifestation of independence, which can be easily corrected by joint training and exercises.

    Representatives of the breed do not tolerate raised tones and shouting in communication. This is a cheerful dog whose owner must have a great sense of humor and patience. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find a common language.

    Kerry blue is sociable and sociable with friends and family acquaintances. This dog loves to be the center of attention. But she treats strangers and uninvited guests extremely wary. Kerry blue can become an excellent guard: this vigilant and attentive dog will not let anyone through.

    Like all terriers, the Kerry Blue loves to walk, be active and have adventures. Chew, gnaw, dig all this is inherent in the nature of a restless dog, and the owner must be ready for this. In addition, the dog can be a real badass. Early socialization will help fix this.

    By the way, the Kerry Blue Terrier does not get along well with other animals. The hunting instinct, and jealousy, and the desire for dominance also affect. But everything changes if the dog grows up in a house where there are already other pets.

    Kerry Blue Terrier is affectionate with children and ready to support their games. However, experts do not recommend getting such a dog for families with children under 7 years old.


    The blue terrier’s thick, wavy coat requires daily brushing. They bathe these dogs once a month, but cut it at Grumer: Kerry does not pour, so it must be trimming it.

    Kerry Blue Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance Petstory

    Particular attention in the care of representatives of this breed should be given to the eyes and ears. Inspection required every week.

    Conditions of detention

    Kerry Blue Terriers are very active! They need many hours of daily walks, which should include running, fetching and intense exercise. It is recommended to take your dog out of town at least once a week so that the pet can run freely in the fresh air.

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