Klamber-Spaniel: Dog breed characteristics, photo, character, maintenance and content rules


  • Country of origin: Great Britain
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    45-50 cm
  • The weight:
    25–36 kg
  • Age:
    13-15 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Retrieves, spaniels and water dogs
  • Brief information

  • Goodnatured and sociable;
  • The largest spaniels;
  • Slow, thoughtful and calm;
  • A rare breed.
  • Character

    The true history of the origin of the Clumber Spaniel breed is unknown. But there are two theories. According to the first, this breed was bred in France, and after the French Revolution, its representatives were transported to England. According to the second version put forward by the researchers, the ancestors of the Clumber Spaniel are old dogs that were crossed with St. Bernards and Basset Hounds in the UK. One way or another, the name Clumber Spaniel is a reference to the Duke of Newcastle’s Clumber Park. The breed was considered aristocratic, and even members of the royal family were engaged in its breeding until the end of the 19th century. Dogs were used to hunt big game and game.

    Today, representatives of the breed can also act as hunting assistants, but still they are more often brought up as companions.

    The Clumber Spaniel is the largest and calmest spaniel in the family. Unhurried, balanced and even slightly slow, it does not require the owner to do long daily sports and long runs. If you prefer passive relaxation, the Clumber Spaniel can keep you company, curled up next to you or at your feet.

    Representatives of this breed are smart and intelligent. They are in no hurry to memorize the commands, but if the clumber has already learned it, be sure this is forever. By the way, it is not difficult to train these dogs, even a beginner can handle it. The main thing is to be patient and try to find an approach to the dog. Clumbers are quick-witted and resourceful. The pet will surely understand how to open a cabinet or refrigerator, and will remember exactly where the treats are hidden.

    The Clumber Spaniel should not be left alone at home for a long time: without a beloved owner, the dog begins to yearn. Animals love their owner and are ready to do anything for him. With such a protector, you can safely walk in the evening. In the moment of danger, he will not hesitate.

    Representatives of the breed get along well with other animals. Often they are neutral towards other dogs and even cats in the house. The Clumber Spaniel is loyal to children, treats them warmly and with understanding. True, it will be very difficult to make him play and drive the ball in the yard.


    The soft, long coat of the Clumber Spaniel must be brushed daily to prevent mats from forming. Bathe these dogs infrequently, as they get dirty.

    Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the eyes and ears of the pet. Accumulating secretions and dirt can lead to the development of diseases.

    Conditions of detention

    Despite some laziness and slowness, the Clumber Spaniel still needs to walk. These dogs should walk twice a day for 40-60 minutes. The pet should not be urged or tried to play with him, he knows when to be active.

    Prone to fullness, the spaniel should not eat more than the norm, because he will definitely never refuse an extra piece. Choose quality food on the advice of a breeder or veterinarian.

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