Korat cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • wool type
  • Growth:
    27–30 cm
  • The weight:
    3–4 kg
  • Age:
    15–20 years
  • Brief information

  • Very gentle and affectionate cats;
  • Sociable, but at the same time keep a distance;
  • Patient and humble.
  • Character

    This breed of Thai cat is sometimes compared to the Siamese, although, apart from the country of origin, in fact, they do not have much in common.

    Korat cats are very gentle and affectionate creatures, they love to be stroked, they enjoy sitting in people’s arms and spending time with them. Separation from their beloved owners is not tolerated well, they can refuse food, yearn and even get sick. It should be understood that these cats are in dire need of attention and affection. Therefore, if the owner has a need to leave the animal for some period, it is better not to resort to the services of pet hotels, but to ask someone close to the cat who knows them to look after it.

    Korats are very patient with small children. They do not allow themselves to be dragged by the tail, but willingly participate in outdoor children’s games and rarely show aggression.

    Cats of this breed, like ninjas, silently follow the owner and carefully watch him. But at the same time, they do not pester and do not impose communication with themselves, being content with the role of outside observers. In addition, Korats love to talk, they are not as sociable as Siamese, but they are also happy to conduct dialogues with the owner.

    In their homeland, these cats are still considered sacred. They participate in many rituals, legends and beliefs are associated with them. Perhaps such a privileged position affected the character of the korat these cats do not like sharp sounds and do not tolerate when they make noise and swear. In such situations, cats become restless and nervous.

    Korat cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance Petstory

    Korats get along well with other animals. At first, these cats try to keep strangers at a respectful distance, gradually letting them in.

    Cats of this breed are considered very smart. Their upbringing should be done from early childhood. Otherwise, the korat may start to misbehave, and it will be very difficult to wean him from bad habits.


    Korats are very unpretentious in care: they do not have an undercoat, and therefore it is enough to comb them out once a week.

    Like other cats, Korats love cleanliness. A poorly washed tray or a bowl that is not clean enough are good reasons for cats of this breed to look for an alternative. They literally express their dissatisfaction with the owner.

    Korat cat breed: characteristics, photos, character, rules of care and maintenance Petstory

    An important point: Korats can boast of excellent health. However, this breed has two characteristic genetic diseases: impaired bone formation and developmental delay, information about which the owner should familiarize himself with in advance.

    Conditions of detention

    Korats love to be close to the owner, and when organizing a place for a cat, you should take this into account. The ideal option is to put a special house for sleeping in the master bedroom. So the cat will feel safe.

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