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Mushroom Kozlyak tubular representative of oilcocks. Belongs to the genus. It can also be called Mokhovik, Mokhovnik, Mshornik, Reshetnik. Ripening period: August-September. Prefers the moderate zones of Eurasia.


The mushroom is distinguished at an early age, a hollowshaped hatshaped hat. With age it becomes more even. Reaches in length from 30 to 120 mm. Smooth, bald, glue. Has a characteristic shine in dry weather. With a high humidity level, the mucosa becomes. Color can vary in the wide ranges of red-brown, eelt-brown, light yellow-brown, red-brown, red-red shades. The shell from the hat is not removed or removed with efforts.

The mushroom has dense meat, elastic. With age it becomes like rubber. Has yellowish shades, the leg acquires red, brown or brown shades. Redness or pink may appear on the cut. Has no taste, or there is a sourness. No expressive smell. During heat treatment, a pink-purple light shade acquires.

Tubular layer either lowrunning, or slightly low, grown. Pores are distinguished by yellowness, grayness. Can sometimes receive brighter shades, like brown or reddish. With age they become brown. Have an incorrect angular shape, torn edges, large sizes.

The leg can reach a length of 40-100 mm. The thickness varies from 10 to 20 mm. A cylindrical shape is solid, often curved. Sometimes has a narrowing to the base. Differs in density, smoothness, dullness. Acquires the color of the hat or shade for several tones lighter. The base is characterized by yellowness.

Disputes get an ellipsoid-vegetative shape and yellowish shades. Smooth. Spore powder has a yellow color with an olive tint or not bright brown.


Most often, grows under the pines. Mona find among coniferous stands on acceleration soils with good nutrition. Can grow near the tracks and on the sphagon swamp springs. Can be found both in groups and solely. There are frequent cases of growth near Mokrukha Pink. Widespread in the northern and moderate parts. Can be found in the territory:

  • Europe;
  • Eurasia;
  • North Caucasus;
  • Urals;
  • Siberia;
  • Far East.
  • Taste qualities

    The mushroom is suitable for all types of cooking, except for salting. During heat treatment, the shade of the hat is replaced by pink-purple. You cannot call a goat a highest quality product, but excellent for pickling and other dishes. The mushroom is not particularly tasteful. It, in fact, does not have it at all. But after drying it takes a good taste, which makes it an excellent ingredient for seasonings.

    Drying of a goat is performed using a special technology. Exclusively whole young specimens are suitable. The hats should be cut, since often worms are found in them. It is not recommended to wash the product, t.to. He dries for a long time. In the heat you can dry under the sun by stringing on a thread. At high humidity, drying is carried out in the oven at a temperature of 70 °. Dried goat powder is applicable when refueling dishes.

    Value in medicine

    In folk medicine, he often uses in the treatment of a disease such as polyarthritis. However, there are no clinical evidence of the presence of healing properties in the mushroom.

    Similar mushrooms

    Gemini Kozlyak is a pepper mushroom. The latter is distinguished by a smaller size externally. His pulp shows a spicy taste. The main feature of the pepper fungus is that it is not applicable as an ingredient, but is widely used as acute seasoning.

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