Kronosaurus: a giant pliosaurus from the early Cretaceous

Kronosaurus a giant pliosaurus that lived in the southern polar seas about 120-100 million years ago, during the early Cretaceous period. The Kronosaurus was named after the Greek god Kronos.

Kronosaurus: description

Kronosaurus had a head about three meters long. On its powerful jaws (the length of the lower jaw was 2.6 meters) there were many sharp teeth from seven to thirty centimeters long. The elongated and narrow head was similar in shape to the head of a crocodile and was about a quarter of the total body length, reaching twelve to fifteen meters.

It had nineteen to twenty dorsal vertebrae, twelve cervical, three thoracic, four to five sacral, and about thirty caudal. The limbs were represented by flippers, with their help the kronosaurus moved, making swing movements.

Kronosaurs lived in the polar seas of the southern hemisphere, where they hunted large fish, sharks and cephalopods. Traces of their teeth have been found on the skulls and vertebrae of Vulungasaurs. The Kronosaurus had no enemies, except for relatives. He was the king of the ancient seas.

Kronosaurs jealously defended their hunting grounds and, judging by the flat skull and probably upward-pointing eyes, attacked prey from the depths. According to the assumptions of scientists, the kronosaurus in search of food could dive to a depth of three hundred meters.

Kronosaurs were viviparous. Scientists have found two partial skeletons of Kronosaurus. The first find was made in Australia in 1899, the second in the Richmond and Grampian Valley area of ​​Queensland in 1931-1932. In 1950, under the guidance of paleontologist A.W. Romer mounted a complete skeleton of this prehistoric reptile. In 1977, parts of a Kronosaurus skeleton were found in Colombia.

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