Kuroma birds representatives and species, detachment, structure and signs, class value

Kurozhny detachment is one of the most ancient groups of birds. A detachment of representatives of the families of phasan and black grouse, turkey and Gokko, large chickens and guinea fowls consists. Basically, the mass of individuals is not great, but not too small, the limit of the mass is 6 kilograms. Due to the ground lifestyle, these birds have a thin and short neck, a small head and a strong beak, which helps to extract vegetable rough foods from shrubs or trees. As well as wings that quickly raise the bird in an upright position.




The jungle chicken

Eye chicken

Nicobar Bolshnog

Kraksi (Gokko, woody chicken)

Big Craks

Burking Chalak

Sinkel crake

Speaksova Penelope

Helmosome crake

Get billed partridges

California crested quail

Forest quail

Scaly quail

Virgin American partridge

Blackfounded American partridge

Crying quail


Asian Keklik

Arabian Keklik

Diamond pheasant

Altai Ular

Bamboo partridge

Bankevo jungle chicken

White partridge

Home turkey

Golden pheasant

Green pheasant


Smoothhubby guel

Griffy Tsesarka

Ordinary Cesard


Kurotny are birds that make a quick takeoff that requires effort. They fly straight, waving their wings and planning in the air. As for plumage, it is dense it helps to avoid freezing in the cold and when flying. Sexual dimorphism is also expressed in plumage: males are always brighter and larger sizes. Representatives of this detachment are distributed almost everywhere, from Eurasia, ending with Arabia. They can live in the steppe and in the tundra and are not afraid to live next to a person. They can even live in the mountains, and not just on the flat terrain.

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