Lake East in Antarctica news, research, discoveries

Antarctica is the mysterious mainland that has a special world of nature. There are peculiar reservoirs here, among which it is worth highlighting the Lake East. It is named after the Vostok station, which is located nearby. The lake on top is covered with an ice shield. Its area is 15.5 thousand square meters. kilometers. The east is a very deep reservoir, since its depth is about 1200 meters. The water in the lake is fresh and enriched with oxygen, and at a depth it has even a plus temperature, since it heats up from geothermal sources.

Opening the lake in Antarctica

Lake East was opened at the end of the twentieth century. Soviet, Russian geographer and geomorphologist A. Kapitsa suggested that there may be various forms of relief under the ice, and in some places there should be water bodies. His hypothesis was confirmed in 1996, when an undergone lake was opened near the Vostok station. For this, seismic sounding of the ice shield was used. The drilling of the well began in 1989, and over time, reaching a depth of more than 3 thousand. meters, ice was taken for research, which showed that it was frozen water of the underwear lake.

In 1999, drilling of the well was suspended. The scientists decided not to interfere in the ecosystem so as not to pollute water. Later, a more environmentally friendly technology for drilling a well in the glacier was developed, which allowed to continue drilling. Since the equipment periodically broke, the process was stretched for several years. The scientist happened to reach the surface of the underblying lake in early 2012.

Subsequently, water tests were taken for research. They showed that there is life in the lake, namely several types of bacteria. They developed isolated from other ecosystems of the planet, so modern science is unknown. Some cells allegedly belong to multicellular animals, for example, mollusks. Other bacteria detected are fish parasites, and therefore fish can probably live in the depths of Lake East.

Lake East in Antarctica news, research, discoveries

Relief in the area of ​​the lake

Lake East is an object that is actively studied today, and many features of this ecosystem have not yet been established. A map with the relief and outlines of the shores of the lake was recently compiled. 11 islands were found on the territory of the reservoir. The underwater crest divided the bottom of the lake into two parts. In general, the ecosystem of. The east has a small concentration of nutrients. This leads to the fact that there are very few living organisms in the pond, but no one knows what will be found in the lake during further research.

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