Late hygroforin photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Late Hygroforus Hypothejus belongs to the plate family. Has good taste and pleasant aroma. Certain species of this mushroom are called real delicacies. They are subject to thermal preparation and canning. It can be boiled, fry and pickled. Widespread in nature.

Very similar to poisonous varieties. And high similarity, even an experienced mushroom picked is not always decided to collect them.


The hat at the late Hygrophore reaches 2 to 5 cm in diameter, it is flat or weakwilled, the edges are turned up. An adult mushroom becomes funnelshaped, has a characteristic small tubercle in the center. There is a yellow-brown color, mainly an olive shade, with a smooth slice surface.

The pulp is delicate, white, has no specific aroma and taste. The plates are rarely located, yellow, descending on the leg. Spore. Has a long thin leg, 4 to 10 cm high, up to 1 cm thick, cylindrical shape.

Where it grows

It is collected from the beginning to the end of autumn, not afraid of frost and the first drifts. Is found mainly in coniferous and mixed forest, next to pine plantings. Loves the neighborhood of Buk and Oak. Settles in areas where moss grows. Can climb into the mail from moss to the hat itself.

Under good growth conditions, bears fruit in a large group.

Edible or not

Despite the small size and greater similarity with toxic mushrooms, it is conditionally sedimentary. A special fruiting time gives him great value in the eyes of the procurers.


Using a hygritor mushroom gives food an indescribable taste and aroma. It is perfectly suitable for dishes of meat, eggs, sour cream, pepper, garlic, onions, cheese, bakery products, potatoes and cereals. Its cooks are fried, boiled, baked, dried and canned for the winter. Dishes prepared with a hygriphon have a piquant taste.


Has a huge amount of useful trace elements, B vitamins and amino acids. It has in its composition vitamins of iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus. The quantitative composition of the protein is similar to meat products.

It has a number of biologically active substances that provide antifungal and bactericidal protection.

What gives regular use:

  • Reduced swelling under the eyes.
  • The condition of the nails and quality of the hair improves.
  • Weight loss occurs, fatty reserve decreases.
  • The color and quality of the skin improves normal.
  • Toxins are excreted, digestion is normalized.
  • Normalizes the state of the immune system.
  • Treats respiratory diseases.
  • Harm


  • The possibility of allergic reactions, worsening the state of microflora, increased gas formation, swelling.
  • Development of the state of hypervitaminosis.
  • Increased urination due to the growth of the tone of the bladder.
  • Sleep disturbance, tachycardia.
  • Contraindications to use

  • Children’s age, up to 14 years, can cause noninflammation and nausea.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Stomach ulcer.
  • Disrupted the work of the kidneys and liver are contraindications for the use of this fungus in any form.
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