Linema dinosaurs: theropods and Zavropodomorphs

Dinosaurian dinosaurs in the lifestyle are divided into two groups: teropodes, or St. Beuranies, and Zavropodomorphs.

Teropods were twolegged predatory dinosaurs armed with sharp teeth and had strong front grasping limbs with powerful claws.

The Teropoprod group includes allosaurus, tyrannosaurus and ovarantor. Zavropodomorphs are divided into proseproof and the head, or lizardous.

Representatives of both groups were herbivorous animals, had a long neck, a small head and a large barrel-shaped body. They differ in some structural features of the skeleton, for example, in the number of cervical vertebrae: in sauropods, the neck was longer than in prosauropods.

Plateosaurus is a typical representative of prosauropods, and diplodocus and brachiosaurus are typical representatives of sauropods.

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