List of countries where drinking water is dangerous

Speaking of bad and dirty water, we don’t even suspect that there are states in which, after drinking untreated water, you can become seriously ill. For those who are going on a trip, you should familiarize yourself with the list of these countries. If tourists stay in a good hotel, you should not drink tap water without boiling it or without purifying it with activated charcoal.

The catastrophic state of water resources in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Chad. In addition to the fact that the water here is very dirty, not the entire population has access to water resources at all. Together with bad ecology in these countries there is a global problem of fresh water shortage.

Diseases due to the use of dirty water threaten a large number of the population of Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh. There is no proper plumbing system here. But the above countries are not popular tourist destinations. Other states with a terrible state of drinking water are now popular among travelers. These are India, Cambodia, Haiti and Laos.

In India, it is strictly forbidden to drink tap water without boiling it or otherwise purifying it. If a person is thirsty, and he drank water, then there can be either simple diarrhea or a serious infectious disease. Therefore, a glass of water in this country can really pose a threat to life. In addition, the Indian rivers Yamuna and Ganges are among the most polluted rivers in the world.

In Cambodia, about 15% of the country’s population can drink clean water. It is very dangerous to drink tap water here. It can be cleaned, for example, with activated charcoal. If you have an excursion or a walk, it is best to take a bottle of mineral water with you. For those who stay in hotels of a high level of comfort, there is always a good supply of purified bottled water. You can find a couple of bottles of mineral water in the bar.

Drinking water leads the ranking of popular soft drinks in Haiti. You can also order a drink with cane juice. But the locals use the water that they have to.

More tap water to be wary of in Laos. It can cause not only infections, but also just make you feel worse. Water from local sources must be boiled and purified with coal. If you can drink bottled water, it is better to use it.

In general, the water on the planet has a high level of pollution. If in developed countries systems of multi-stage water purification are used, then in developing countries it is not only not purified, it is in short supply. Therefore, in such countries, drinking tap water is life threatening.

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