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Little caterpillar (lat. Tinela bissellella) is one of the stages of development of moths, a gray butterfly that belongs to the family of real moles and belongs to the type of scales.


The caterpillar of moths, it is also called a larva, appears from the eggs put off by the female. At birth, it has a almost transparent color and brown head, which is very dark and noticeable against the background of the rest of the body. Adults differ from newborns in large sizes, as well as a more saturated color, which is why the body becomes white, not transparent.

The length of the body varies within one millimeter. During growing up, it increases significantly in size and reaches about 12-13 millimeters. This insect has six pairs of small legs. Two of them are in the first segments, closer to the head, they are less developed and in themselves are less than others. The remaining four pairs are located on the belly of the caterpillar.

Caterpillar cactus moths

Its thickness depends on the amount of fats that it uses.


Due to the fact that adult individuals moths penetrate even the narrowest cracks without any problems, the appearance of this insect into the dwelling, regardless of whether it was new or already used by someone-this is only a matter of time. It is unlikely that now there is a person who has never encountered a gray butterfly while living in an apartment or house. It starts regardless of lifestyle, because it itself is very common.

It is important to note that mainly a person’s dwelling inhabits several types at once, one of which carefully hunts for food, and the other for clothes. Thus, getting rid of them becomes twice as difficult, which is why double free. Night insects themselves are moths, so it is extremely difficult to meet them during the day, because during the time they were able to understand when a person is sleeping and cannot resist them. That is why at night, mainly after midnight, if you turn on the light in the apartment, you can notice not only gray butterflies, but also many other insects, such as cockroaches.

Where it lives

The habitat of molyproofs of moths differs depending on the type. If we take the most ordinary, food moth, then the female puts her eggs on products that can be found on the kitchen table. These are mainly cereals, flour, various bakery products and other everyday food for humans.

What eats

Nutrition also depends on the type, for example, the furniture larva of moths, as follows from the name, consumes mainly fabric. It can be wool, fur and cotton. Unlike its brother, the food moth has a completely different diet and eats exclusively products, and it is not particularly selective and eats everything that will find.


The entire life cycle of moths can be described by several stages: an adult becomes pregnant, hatches the forming eggs, and then puts them on potential food, which depends on the type. Subsequently, caterpillars hatch from these eggs, which feed and gain mass, increasing significantly in size, and after pupate. After some period of time, a full-fledged butterfly moth appears from the doll, which is almost immediately ready for the production of new offspring.

How to get rid of pests

The simplest, but at the same time in an effective way to get rid of uninvited guests in the house will undoubtedly be careful cleaning. It includes everything from wiping all the furniture from dust, ending with air purification and washing all the clothes. It will not be superfluous to get rid of too old food, which is still suitable for food, but is in the room for more than a month. Typically, there are canned food as such food, as well as other products that can be stored without any problems for a long time.

The struggle with caterpillars of moths does not make sense, since it is very problematic to notice them among clothes or food, the best option would be just to wait until they are he who is being lengened and a butterfly hatch from them, which will already be noticeable and it will be possible to cope with it. The process of deliverance will be long and thorny, but with proper dexterity and study of information, everything will definitely work out.

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