Lobaria pulmonary red book Description and photo

Lobaria pulmonary this is a type of leaf lichen. Often such a plant lives on the trunks of trees, namely in deciduous or mixed forests. Previously, widespread prevalence in Europe, but at present, this plant is an enduring. In a natural environment, sprouts in:

  • Asia;
  • Africa;
  • North America.
  • The main factors lowering the population are air pollution and frequent forest fires. In addition, a decrease in the number is influenced by the fact that lobaria is a medicinal plant.

    Such a variety of leafy lichens has a leathery tall or a layered, which also includes ridges and hollows that form specific patterns. In addition, there are an olive shade blades.

    The layout often reaches a diameter of 30 centimeters, and the length of the blades very often is 7 centimeters, the width is an average of 30 millimeters. The blades are characterized by recessed or chopped edges.

    The lower surface of such a plant is brown in brown. As for the convex parts, they are often naked, and various grooves are covered with a fluff similar to felt.

    Lobaria pulmonary red book Description and photo

    Areas of application

    Lobaria pulmonary, as well as other types of lichens, has a unique chemical composition, in particular, contains:

  • many acids;
  • Altids;
  • Alpha and Beta Karotin;
  • several types of steroids;
  • melanin.
  • Such a plant is widely used in medicine it is fashionable to understand from its name, which was obtained due to the fact that it is almost similar to the tissues of the lungs. It is because of this that lobaria is used in the treatment of any diseases associated with this internal organ.

    Medicinal properties

    Also, such a lichen is used to fight:

    Lobaria pulmonary red book Description and photo
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • various disorders of appetite;
  • skin pathologies;
  • hemorrhages.
  • Healing drinks prepared on the basis of such a plant have an antiicing and antiinflammatory property. Also, alcohol tincture is prepared from Lobaria, which helps to protect the digestive system from various stimuli and pathogenic bacteria.

    It is worth noting that the extract of such a lichen has an antioxidant effect, which is determined by the content of phenolic substances in it.

    In addition to the medical sphere, pulmonary lungs are used as a dye for wool with its help they get an orange shade. In addition, it is part of the perfumery industry. Also, such a plant takes part in the manufacture of certain varieties of beer.

    Lobaria pulmonary red book Description and photo
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