Longtailed owl photo and description of the owl from the red book, listen to the voice

The longtailed owl has the second name “Ural owl”, since the first time this representative was found in the Urals. Longtailed owl a rather large bird of the genus. The size of the body varies from 50 to 65 centimeters in length, and the wing size can reach 40 centimeters with a scale of 120 centimeters. The upper body is predominantly brown with spots of white and dark shade. On the bottom of the body, the color is grayish with brown veins. Paws are thick gray-brown and covered with nails. Gray-colored facial-white front. Large black eyes are located on it. The name “longtailed” was inquisitive thanks to a noticeably long wedgeshaped tail.


The population of the species of the Ural or longhungtohealing owl extends on the territory of the Paleoarctic taiga. Many representatives settled the area from Western Europe to the shores of China and Japan. In Eurasia, the type of Ural owl is found everywhere.

As a habitat, this representative prefers large forest spaces, in particular, coniferous, mixed and broadleaved forests. Some Ural ilias were found in the wooded mountains at an altitude of up to 1600 meters.

The voice of a longstroke owl

Food and lifestyle

The activity of longhungtohealing owl is at night, as a rule, during twilight and at dawn. Day spends on the day next to the trees or in the thick of foliage. Thanks to its physiological features, an owl is an excellent predator that can make completely silent flights. This feature is due to the fact that the feathers of longstroke owl have a distinctive structure. The edges of the wings are not smooth, but have fly feathers that muffle the gust of wind. The main victim of a longhungtoend owl becomes a field, which makes up a poultry diet of 65 or 90%. In addition to fields, an owl can hunt for shoes, rats, mice, frogs and insects. Some longtailed illegitas can eat small birds.


As nests, longtailed illegitatives use hollows of trees, rock openings or space between large stones. Some representatives use empty nests of other birds. In the selected nest, the female lays from 2 to 4 eggs. This period falls on the spring season. The incubation period lasts about a month. During incubation, the role of the male boils down to finding food for himself and his female. During this period, longtailed illegitatives are extremely aggressive and careful. The chicks ripen 35 days after the birth. After another 10 days, they are able to fly well and can leave the nest. However, up to 2 months of longstanding owl chicks are under the control and protection of parents. They become sexually mature only at the age of 12 months.

Population and status of the species

The number of longtailed illegitals becomes much less in the regions, where there is a decrease in the population of the mouselike rodents, which are up to 90 % of the owl diet. The view is included in the Red Book MSOP and Eurasia.

The content of longstroke owls at home

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