LumberjackTitan photo and description where the beetle dwells

This unique representative of Zhukov belongs to the Usachi family. Received the status of one of the largest and most expensive beetles around the world. Many collectors are ready to pay a lot of money to get it to their collection.


Lumberjack-Titan is endowed with brown, and sometimes brown color of the body surface, with chocolate color with overlap. In nature, there are individuals of metallic or white color, but it is almost impossible to meet them. This feature is due to their habitat.

The length of the largest lumberjack-titan reaches 22 centimeters and barely fits in the palm. The average species have dimensions from 12 to 17 centimeters. Females are always larger than males. Also, the difference between males lies in the acute structure of the abdomen and the presence of a long jaw and mustache. Even the appearance of females can differ significantly from males. The eyes of the lumberjack-titan are deeply noted.

On the front back there are large pressures that are covered with yellow felt, and three more sharp spikes located on the sides. The difference between the lumberjack-Titan and similar varieties is that they are able to press the mustache to the body. And if the lumberjack is put on hand, then you can hear the sound of the creak.


Units manage to meet this remarkable representative. The territorial habitat of the beetle is the Amazon river basin. It is also located in the tropical forests of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Local residents of the regions in which this representative lives, they got to attract them with the help of mercury lamps. Even a dried lumberjack-tinan has a good demand.

The most dimensional lumberjack-Titan is located on the territory of the South American Selva. Soft climate with the long rains of this region contribute to the growth of these representatives.


The activity of these insects is determined by weather conditions. As a rule, in the territory of the southern countries, the summer begins in the spring. The larger and the overall lumberjack-tinan, the more difficult it is for him to move in the air. Therefore, the flight for them is definitely not from simple. Through the entire day, the lumberjack-tits are hidden in the hollows of trees or rotten decks.

Activity occurs at night. The difficulty of searching for the Imago Drum-Titan lies in the extremely short life of these representatives. An adult lives no more than 5 weeks. Spikes and mandibules can only be used for selfdefense. The beetle itself does not carry much danger to a person.


The extremely remarkable fact about the lumberjack-Titan is that he does not eat any food in the Imago stage. This representative spends all 5 weeks at the expense of those stocks that have accumulated in the larval period.

The main goal of adult beetles is to continue the genus.


During the propagation period, males gather on the trees in anticipation of females. This period can be marked by serious skirmishes between representatives of the lumberjack-titans for the female. They are able to cripple each other and bite off their paws and mustache.

Until now, scientists have not found the larvae of this representative. It is assumed that their size can reach 36 centimeters, and development occurs in wood. The pupation process through unconfirmed data is in the soil.

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