Lyrochstost Australia Bird | Photos where it lives, interesting facts, description

Lyira or Lyrochstost bird is one of the most amazing birds of our planet. A distinctive feature of the lyrochist is the ability to copy with amazing accuracy the sounds that they hear. The second distinctive feature of this bird is an unusual, beautiful tail. It consists of 16 feathers. Two lateral pen have an unusual color: the tips of the feathers have a dark color, and closer to the beginning of the pen, the color becomes beige. At the ends, these two pen bending, forming the shape of a lyre (hence the name of this bird). The central feathers of the tail have a light, almost white color. Only males over 7 years old can be proud of such a tail. The rest of the body, except wings, have a dark gray color. The color of the feathers on the wings is brown. Females do not have a beautiful tail, and the color is gray-brown, contributing to masking in the forest.

The genus of Lyrochstosts includes two types: Big Lyrochstost (Big Lyra Poult) and Albertov Lirochdost.

Lyrochlogs lead a day lifestyle. For the night, birds rise to the tops of the trees. The lyre bird does not fly very well, however, it runs out excellently and quickly.


Lirochstost Round resident of Australia. He will be found on a very narrow territory of this continent. From the south of Victoria, to the southeastern part of the state of Queensland. Lyrochlotter selects wet eucalyptus forests and massifs of a moderate belt. Also, the lyrehighs were brought to the island of Tasmania.

What eats

Lyrochlogs have powerful legs and sharp claws. They rake a carpet from fallen foliage in search of insects and larvae, which make up the main diet of poultry. Snails, various ground crustaceans (in particular mokritsy) also fall into the diet of Lyrochstosta). Different seeds may also include in the diet.

Natural enemies

Some time ago, the lyre bird was at risk of disappearance, but the measures taken allowed to maintain this amazing view.

Despite their caution in the wild, the lyrehighs are not protected from the attack of the cat family and foxes.

A person also poses a threat to this bird, since it constantly expands its boundaries and destroys the natural habitat.

Interesting Facts

  1. Lyrochstost with amazing accuracy repeats the voices of 20 birds. With the same ease, the lyrochist repeats other sounds that he hears in the forest. For example, the sound of a chainsaw or car alarm (this sound is often repeated by domesticated birds).
  2. Lirochleads, despite their caution, are very fond of taking pictures. That is why almost all pictures of the lyrochist are successful. In addition, the lyrochist can easily repeat the sound of a click of the shutter of the camera (both digital and film)
  3. In the marriage period, the males of the lyrochist to attract females pour several mounds about 15 centimeters high. Then they take up place, on top of this mound throwing his tail forward above the back. It is noteworthy that the length of the tail can reach 70 centimeters.
  4. Lyrochlines are the oldest animals of Australia. One of the Austrian museums stores the remains of the lyroch stream about 15 million years.
  5. The silhouette of the lyrochistan occupies an honorable place on the reverse of ten central coins of Australia.
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