Macadamia nut benefit and harm, description, photo where it grows

Among the variety of nuts, the fruits of macadamia are characterized by a large list of useful substances. They have a positive effect on many spheres of the human body, but allergic reactions can also cause. What kind of nut is it and whether it is possible to eat it, we will analyze in this article.

What is Macadamia?

This is a fairly large tree that reaches 15 meters in height. The historical range of growth various regions of Australia. The tree prefers fertile soil, rich in various trace elements. The fruits of macadamia (those same nuts) appear several years after the appearance of the first seedlings. On average to the first fruiting passes about 10 years, while the crop is approximately 100 kilograms of nuts.

Many legends and entrepreneurial relations are associated with Macadamia. In ancient times, Australian Aborigines considered these nuts sacred. When Europeans penetrated the continent, they were struck by the unprecedented taste of the nut. Since then, the fruits of the tree have become a valuable product, as well as expensive goods.

Cultivation of macadamia

As soon as the walnut was “tasted” in wide circles, its supply to large continents began, in particular, Europe. A feature of obtaining this product was that the collection was carried out manually. This circumstance did not allow to remove a large crop in a short time, but, as a result, led to a strong rise in price. As a result of this, a nut for a long time was considered a delicacy for the wealthy segments of the population.

In order to trade, the Australians launched massive hazel landings. The bill of trees went on many thousands, since the sale of nuts turned out to be an extremely profitable business. Of particular importance was the invention of a specialized machine for collecting fruits. Thanks to the mechanization of labor, the removal of the crop has accelerated at times, which is why the cost of the nut has decreased slightly. This happened not so long ago, because the car was created in the 70s of the 20th century.

Food value of macadamia nuts

Studies of fruit showed that they are not only tasty, but also very useful. Nuts contain a large number of essential oils, vitamins B and pp. The composition of fats secreted by researchers from fruits was surprised by the presence of palmitoleic acid. It is part of the human skin, but it is not found in almost no previously known plant.

Macadamia nuts are highly calorie. They like some kind of hazelnuts and can even be used instead in dishes. The taste of the nut is soft, creamy. It smells a little milk and has a little sweetness.

Useful properties of walnut macadamia

For several centuries, the fruits of the macadamia tree have been used by man. They are used in a variety of form: entirely, grinded, fried, dried, etc.D. One of the classical types of delicacy that is obtained from these nuts is whole nuclei, doused caramel or chocolate.

Like hazelnuts, macadamia nuts are actively used in the production of confectionery products. It is expensive, but there are such goodies in the premium segment. Fruits can be added to salads, including seafood. Eat them and raw.

It is believed that these nuts are able to give strength, help relieve headaches, eliminate migraines, normalize metabolism and improve the condition of the skin. They are used to remove excess cholesterol from the body, as a prophylactic for the disease of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, nuts are successfully used in the treatment of tonsillitis, meningitis, arthrosis. He has the property of strengthening bones, relieves joint pain, strengthens ligaments.

As mentioned above, the fruits of macadamia are rich in essential oils. They are also mined and used. Walnut oil is used in the treatment of complex burns of second degree of severity, to remove toxins from the body, as well as in cosmetology.

Returning to the use of nuts for food, one cannot but say about their dietary meaning. Many nutritionists advise those who wish to lose weight to eat the fruits of macadamia as a source of energy. Replacing some meals of “fullfledged” food with several nuts, the body receives enough calories, but this does not contribute to weight gain.

Harm from macadamia

Since this nut is quite rare and it will not work to buy in the nearest store, rumors go around it. Some of them say extreme harm. Numerous studies have shown that against the background of many useful properties, the fruits do not have any negative effect on the human body.

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