Maine Coon: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of Origin: USA
  • wool type
  • Growth:
    30-40 cm at the withers, 1 m long
  • The weight:
    4–10 kg
  • Age:
    12–15 years old
  • Brief information

  • Calm, balanced;
  • Independent;
  • Smart;
  • Origin story

    The Maine Coon ancestors were large cats that lived in the northern states of the United States. These animals were a natural population in these areas, and their domestication and breeding began over 250 years ago. “Maine coon” is translated from English as “Manx raccoon”, so the Maine Coon is also called the Manx raccoon cat. Due to the similarity of these animals with raccoons, several legends about their origin even appeared. Someone is sure that the Maine Coon’s ancestors were an ordinary domestic cat and a female raccoon. And it was from a wild beast that cats inherited their gorgeous fluffy striped tail. Others argue that Maine Coons originated from the crossing of domestic tabby cats with the North American lynx. The tassels on the ears of Maine Coons serve as proof of this theory. True, geneticists easily break both of these theories Maine Coons are a natural population of the American feline metropolis. Initially, these cats were used as rat catchers on farms, even sometimes taken for this purpose and on ships in those days, often suffering from the invasion of rodents.


    Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world. The body is powerful, rectangular, with a wide chest and a massive head. These animals finish their growth only at 3-5 years, although they cannot be called the slowest maturing breed. A distinctive feature of the exterior is the tassels on the ears, reminiscent of lynxes, and a huge fluffy “raccoon” tail. Cats are much smaller than cats, not only in adulthood, but also at birth. On average, the difference in weight between females and males is a quarter. The Maine Coon coat is subject to seasonal changes, like many native breeds. In summer it is less thick and short, while in winter it turns into a chic fur coat.


    A distinctive feature of cats of this breed is independence. They may not let people near them, not allow themselves to be stroked, and generally impose their will on the inhabitants of the apartment.

    But they note that at the same time, these cats are very touching and reverent towards young children and willingly cooperate to play with older children.

    Maine Coons are very smart and remember commands well, like dogs. They also very clearly capture intonations and changes in the mood of the owner, while showing tact and understanding unusual for animals. The Maine Coon will not pester with communication or demand attention if the owner is not in the mood.

    In general, the definition of “a cat that walks by itself” is fully consistent with the nature of this breed. Although they behave friendly with the owners (how friendly a wild cat can be), they treat outsiders with undisguised suspicion and coldness.


    The main problem of many cat owners is the organization of special places where their pets can sharpen their claws. Often cats use wallpapers, upholstered furniture or other interior items for these purposes in general, everything that, according to the owners, cannot be used as a scratching post. With Maine Coons, the problem does not recede, but acquires a new sound. Cats of this breed sharpen their claws not in a vertical position, as usual, but in a horizontal one. That is, in this case, carpets, rugs and other floor coverings suffer.

    These cats love water and enjoy bathing. Therefore, with washing, as a rule, the owners do not have problems.

    A lot of fears are usually associated with the care of the Maine Coon coat it is quite thick and long. But at the same time, it does not roll into tangles and does not fall off, it does not need to be combed out for several hours daily. Once a week is enough. But in addition to the usual comb, you should buy a slicker comb cats of this breed have a very thick undercoat that needs attention.

    Conditions of detention

    Maine Coons are excellent hunters. And they catch not only birds and rodents, but also fish. Therefore, if you are going to buy a cat of this breed, and there are small animals in the house, with a high degree of probability we can say that such a neighborhood will not end well for the latter.

    Although they get along well with other cats and even with dogs. Moreover, it does not matter whether the second animal appeared at the same time as the cat (that is, they grew up together) or whether it was taken when the cat was already the full owner of the house.

    It is very important that the Maine Coon has its own territory a space in which you can hide from the attention of people and relax. In addition, a large area for walking is important for these cats they do not like to sit still and will walk, play and hunt for a long time.

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