Maiskaya row photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

This representative of the mushroom kingdom spread widely in Asia and Eurasia. Maiskaya row (Calocybe Gambosa) is an edible mushroom that belongs to the family of Ryadovka. The mushroom was loved by many mushroom pickers, since it is not inferior to cultural champignon, and it is quite simple to find it.


The May row has a typical hat-cut structure. The size of the hat varies in the range from 4 to 10 centimeters in diameter. In young mushrooms, it is semicircular or spherical, in adults it becomes straight and a little asymmetric with the edges bent up and a wavy contour. When the weather is arid, then deep cracks form on the surface of the hat. May rows growing in boring, because of which the mushroom grows, it is very deformed. The color of the hat ranges from yellow to white color. The surface of the hat is dry and smooth. The pulp is quite dense white with a characteristic mushroom taste and smell.

The leg of the May rowing is quite thick with a long one from 2 to 7 centimeters in length. The surface is silky. In color practically does not differ from the hat, but it may be lighter. The texture of the legs is whole. The pulp is painted in white and has a fibrous texture.

The plates under the hat are frequent and are located at a short distance from each other. In young mushrooms, the color of the plates is completely white, and in adults it acquires a cream tint. The plates grow to a tooth to the mushroom leg.

Where the May row is growing

You can meet the May mushroom on the territory of the European part of Eurasia. It grows in meadows, forests, groves and pastures. Can also be found in parks, near roads and in flower beds. As a rule, the fruiting period begins from late spring to midsummer. Most of the mushrooms can be found in May, which is why the row and received the Mayskaya prefix. Another advantage is that the rowers grow in heaps, so it is enough to find one mushroom place to collect almost a whole basket with these mushrooms.

Similar views

In its appearance, the Mayan row is quite unique, so it is difficult to confuse it with other mushrooms. It is especially noteworthy that the mushroom grows in May, while the growth of most other mushrooms falls in the fall. A similar appearance with a row of May in light painted poisonous entloma. However, if you look closely, you can notice that entaloma has pink plates, a narrow leg and a darker color.

Poisonous entloma

Some confuse the May mushroom with an outdoor, which is an edible, but very littleknown representative of the mushroom kingdom. It can be identified by larger sizes and a small gun on the hat. When cutting, this mushroom changes the color of the pulp to a darker.

Inexperienced mushroom pickers can confuse the May row with a poisonous mushroom a white row.

These mushrooms are also covered with white skin, and the pulp is fleshy and dense like that of a May row. However, they can be distinguished by the period of growth and smell. The May row is growing only in the spring and early summer, and the poisonous white row grows in late August and until the end of autumn. The smell of a white row is sharp and resembles mold, and in the May rowing, the smell is pleasant and flour.

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