Mallorca Shepherd Dog: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Spain
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    from 56 to 61 cm
  • The weight:
    from 35 to 40 kg
  • Age:
    11 to 13 years old
  • FCI breed group:
    Herding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs
  • Brief information

  • Copes well with the role of a security guard;
  • Strongly attached to the family;
  • Is prone to dominance, so needs training.
  • Character

    The Mallorcan Sheepdog is an ancient breed that has served the farmers of the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. Her duties included not only the protection and protection of the owner’s possessions, but also grazing livestock and even birds. Its exact origin is still a mystery. According to one version, these dogs appeared in Spain in the middle of the XIII century. According to another version, it appeared a little later, and already Spanish farmers endowed this breed with the necessary qualities that greatly distinguished the Mallorca Shepherd from other Spanish breeds. This strong-willed and self-confident dog has become an energetic and courageous defender. She did not hesitate to rush to the defense of her master and took the protection of her territory very seriously.

    The Mallorcan Sheepdog has an independent character. She is used to working alone, so it’s best if she is the only pet in the house. Dogs of this breed are very attached to their family and are always ready to stand up for her. They do not trust strangers and are rather hostile. For this reason, the Majorcan Sheepdog needs to be socialized from an early age.

    By their nature, representatives of this breed are prone to dominance, so the future owner of the dog must have training experience. The dog must recognize the leader in him only after that he will begin to carry out commands. When training, strictness and discipline should be observed, but in no case should the dog be punished. This behavior of the owner can lead to the development of aggressive tendencies in the animal. It is worth noting that their guarding instinct cannot be completely curbed.


    In general, the Majorcan Shepherd Dog is in good health, but has a tendency to some of the diseases inherent in all large dogs. These include gastric volvulus and musculoskeletal problems such as hip dysplasia and slipped patella syndrome.

    The Mallorcan Sheepdog has a thick and fairly short coat. Washing too often can lead to dryness and irritation as the dog’s skin releases a special protective oily substance. Light dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. The Mallorcan Sheepdog needs to be combed from time to time. This allows not only to remove dead hairs, but also to help the distribution of protective substances that give shine and a healthy look to the dog’s coat.

    It is also important to monitor the condition of the shepherd’s ears, especially if the dog likes to swim or often gets wet. If water gets inside the hanging ears, it cannot evaporate due to insufficient air supply. This can lead to infection and inflammation. Therefore, the ears of the Mallorca Shepherd Dog must be cleaned and wiped weekly after getting water in them.

    Conditions of detention

    The Mallorca Sheepdog, like all working breeds, needs a lot of exercise. This can be either a daily two-hour walk in the case of living in a city apartment, or playing in the backyard. Lack of proper exercise can lead to destructive behavior of the pet, including barking, property damage and even aggression.

    If you are going to start a Mallorca Shepherd and live in a city apartment, you should remember that this dog has a very strong guarding instinct and at the slightest attempt on its territory will scare off violators with loud barking.

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