Mangrove forests where are they located, photo

Mangrove forests are evergreen plants that grow in the tropics and in the equatorial belt. They grow in conditions of high humidity, mainly on the banks of rivers. Mangroves create a kind of boundary between land and water. The mangroves are home to many species of animals and birds.
Mangroves are not the only species, they are a group of plants that grow in soil under water. They grow normally in conditions of excess water and high salinity. Mangrove leaves grow very high, which prevents water from flooding the branches. The roots are shallow in the soil at an optimal level in the water. In general, these plants get enough oxygen.

Magra in the ecosystem of water areas

Mangrove roots are an excellent habitat for shellfish as normal flow is created. There are also small fish hiding from predators. Even crustaceans find shelter in plant roots. In addition, mangroves absorb heavy metals from sea salt, and the water is purified here. In some Asian countries, mangroves are grown specifically to attract fish and marine animals.
As for salt, the roots filter water, salt is retained in them, but does not enter other plant organs. It can fall out in the form of crystals on the leaves or accumulate in already old yellowed leaves. Since mangrove plants contain salt, they are consumed by many herbivores.

Mangrove Conservation Challenge

Mangroves are a significant part of both forest and ocean ecosystems. At the moment, this group of plants is under the threat of extinction. Over the past two decades, 35% of the mangroves have been destroyed. Experts believe that shrimp farms contributed to the disappearance of these plants. Crustacean farming area has led to the reduction of mangrove forests. In addition, the felling of mangroves has never been controlled by anyone, which has led to an intensive reduction of plants.
Many states have realized the value of mangroves, and therefore mangrove restoration programs have been intensified. The greatest activity in this direction is carried out in the Bahamas and in Thailand.
Thus, mangrove forests are an unusual phenomenon in the world of flora, which plays a huge role in the ocean ecosystem. Restoration of mangroves is necessary to improve the ecology of the planet and for people who get their livelihood in the roots of these plants.

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