Marsilee Egyptian description and photo

Martian Egyptian is a type of fern that belongs to specially protected plants. Such a longterm amphibian plant is often found in such territories:

  • Egypt;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • the lower Volga;
  • Astrakhan;
  • Southeast part of Asia;
  • China.
  • The most favorable soil for germination is:

  • dried up in the summer of the year of the year of the backwater of bugrous sands;
  • sandy shores, but only reservoirs with salt water;
  • Ilost-sand shallows.
  • The reduction of the population mainly affects:

  • trampling areas of growth of cattle;
  • clogging of habitats by animals;
  • water pollution by man;
  • low competitive ability, namely with actively growing weeds.
  • It follows that the most effective protection measure is the organization of a reserve or a natural monument.

    Short characteristic

    Martian Egyptian is a rather small amphibian fern, the height of which reaches 10 centimeters. The rhizome in such a plant is long and thin, and it is rooted in the nodes.

    Marsilee Egyptian description and photo

    Leaflets that are called Vaiya are separated from the rhizome they stay on long petioles. In addition, sporocarpy is observed (they also depart from the rhizome) they are single, but long legs are located.

    The leaves are narrow and back, often with a noted edge. As for sporocarpius, that they are stupid-cheese, complemented by the groove, localized on the back or leg, and there are several short teeth at the base.

    Marsilee Egyptian description and photo

    Sporification occurs from July to September the disputes have a spherical form.

    Interesting Facts

    Martian Egyptian is considered a decoration of reservoirs, since today there are many varieties of such a plant, which is why it is often used to give the best appearance to small reservoirs or ponds, as well as drying streams that are in private possession.

    Marsilee Egyptian description and photo

    Since the plant can be cultivated in aquariums, it is often used at home for these purposes decorating the aquarium. Cultivation occurs by forming a dispute of both sexes, which merge in zygotes. On the water surface they look like white small dots. They are collected and placed for subsequent germination in a moist environment it can be either sand. The formation of a new plant occupies an average of one and a half 2 years.

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