Mechanical environmental pollution | Mechanical type of pollution

Nowadays, environmental pollution occurs every minute. Sources of changes in the ecological system can be mechanical, chemical, biological, physical. Each of them makes an irreversible contribution to the Earth’s atmosphere and worsens its condition.

What is mechanical pollution?

Mechanical pollution is provoked by contamination of the environment with a variety of waste products, which, in turn, adversely affect the environment. There are no physical or chemical consequences, but the situation does not change for the better. Elements of pollution can be various packages and containers, polymeric materials, construction and household waste, tires, aerosols and industrial production waste of a solid nature.

Sources of mechanical pollution

  • dumps and landfills;
  • landfills and burials;
  • slags, products made of polymeric materials.
  • Mechanical waste is difficult to decompose. As a result, they change the landscape, reduce the areolas of representatives of flora and fauna, alienate lands.

    Aerosols as major air pollutants

    Today, aerosols are contained in the atmosphere in the amount of 20 million tons. They are divided into dust (solid particles that are dispersed in the air and formed in the process of disintegration), fumes (fine particles of solid substances that result from combustion, evaporation, chemical reactions, melt, etc.). cases) and mists (particles that accumulate in a gaseous environment). The ability of aerosols to penetrate into the human body depends on the dose of exposure. Its penetration can be superficial or deep (focuses in the bronchioles, alveoli, bronchi). Harmful substances can also accumulate in the body.

    In addition to disintegrating aerosols, the air is polluted by condensations and secondary suspended solids, which are formed during the combustion of liquid and solid fuels.

    Clogging of the environment with mechanical impurities

    In addition to hardly decomposable waste, air dusting has a negative impact, which affects its visibility and transparency, and also contributes to a change in the microclimate. Pollution of a mechanical nature affects near-cosmic space, continuously clogging it. According to experts, more than three thousand tons of space debris have already been concentrated in space.

    One of the most global problems is pollution of the environment with municipal waste. They do not even compare with industrial ones (every year the increase in municipal waste is 3%, in some regions it reaches 10%).

    And, of course, burials also have a detrimental effect on the state of the environment. Every year the need for additional space increases many times over.

    Humanity should seriously think about the future fate of our planet. Moving in the same direction, we doom ourselves to the onset of an environmental disaster.

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