Mecodium Wright Description and photo

Mecodium Wright acts as a very rare fern, which is predominantly growing on such a basis:

  • moss coating;
  • constantly moisturizing stones;
  • stump or trunks of trees;
  • wet shaded rocks;
  • Komli trees.
  • Such a plant can exist in darkskinned or mixed forests, and it also calmly tolerates frosts, since it survives even under a thick layer of snow cover.


    A similar type of fern is widespread in Eurasia, in particular:

  • Primorsky Krai;
  • Sakhalin;
  • Kunashir;
  • Iturus.
  • In addition, it is found in China, North America and Japan.

    Reducing the population contributes to:

  • progressive economic activity of man;
  • Destruction of habitats by technogenic factors;
  • barbaric destruction by tourists;
  • climatic conditions;
  • low competitiveness;
  • high demand to moisture;
  • Foresting.
  • The reduction in numbers is also affected by the fact that the turfs formed by such a fern are safely washed off the flows of rainwater.

    a brief description of

    Mecodium Wright is a very elegant fern with a hairy and extensive rhizome. Small petioles of 2 centimeters hold ways, the color of which can vary from green to a reddish tint throughout the year.

    The sheet plate includes only one layer of cells they are no more than 3 centimeters in length, and they do not exceed 15 millimeters in width. Sorouses can have a round or oval shape. Their length reaches about one and a half centimeter. Often they are solid, with rounded, less often bicolobly bedspreads at the top.

    Propagated only with the help of a dispute, and argues in the period from July to September inclusive. Despite the fact that it prefers to sprout in areas with high soil moisture, it can exist in areas with high humidity. It is a shadeloving plant, which, in conjunction with the above factors of germination, creates special conditions for existence, which makes cultivation quite difficult.

    In order to preserve the Mekodium Wright or Skorolitnik Wright, it is necessary to create state reserves. The introduction of such a variety of fern into culture has no prospects. This is due to the fact that its cultivation is necessary to create specific conditions.

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