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Mediterranean turtles, perhaps one of the most popular pets. But at the same time, most reptile lovers are surprisingly little aware of them.

Content and care for Mediterranean turtles


In nature, reptiles consume flowers, stems and green leaves. They rarely eat fruits and never face canned dog food, ice cream, bread, pizza, cheese, cakes or some other bizarre “treats” that some people offer pets.

Most of the turtles that are fed inappropriate diets. Many are dying. If you have become the owner of a turtle, addicted to such food, immediately save the reptile from dependence. Do not give in to the temptation to give food from the table. Let the turtle be hungry enough to resume the reception of normal, healthy for the type of diet. This will take some time during which offer safe and healthy food.

In captivity, a diet with a high fiber content, a low percentage of protein and calcium will provide good functioning of the digestive tract and the growth of the regulation shell. Mediterranean turtles that feed on food for cats or dogs, or other products with a high level of protein, such as peas or beans, die from renal failure or from urate stones in the bladder.

Peas and beans are also rich in phytic acid, which, like oxalic acid, prevents the absorption of calcium. Avoid greens and fruits from a supermarket that contain little fiber, excessively treated with pesticides and are rich in fructose. Fruits rarely or even abandon them, as fruits lead to diarrhea, propagation of intestinal parasites and colic in the Mediterranean turtle. Fruits, however, are an ordinary part of the diet of tropical turtles, the diet of which is completely different from the diet of Mediterranean reptiles.


Unfortunately, tips not to give reptiles water appeared in books on caring for Mediterranean turtles. They drink water, both in the wild and in captivity. Drinking is not a sign of a poor state of health (although a sudden change in drinking habits indicates a problem). Most of the turtles prefer to drink when entering a shallow plate. And they are stimulated to drink, slightly spraying the garden hose in good weather.

Too much water ..

Drowning. Yes, cases occur every year. If there is a pond, make sure that it is completely safe and 100% protected from turtles. Mediterranean turtles do not swim, and any open pool or pond is a serious danger to their life.


Foxes, hedgehogs, raccoons, badgers, rats, dogs and even large birds attack and kill turtles, especially young. Make sure that reptile aviers are 100% safe. If you doubt the fortress of the shelter, transfer turtles at night to the house.


Sama turtles, as a rule, territorial animals. Two males can fight for the range rather viciously, sometimes this leads to serious injuries. Keep such males separately. In a limited terrarium, males cause serious stress in the opposite sex and injure females.

The aviarys should be large enough for the female to run away and hide from unwanted attention. In no case do not overwhelm the Mediterranean turtles too small vivaries. This is the right recipe for troubles. The placement of elderly females with young, active males is also extremely risky.

A person needs efforts and investments in creating conditions for the life of Mediterranean turtles.

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