Melting glaciers results, consequences and causes, photo | The problem of melting glaciers

Throughout his life, a person uncontrollably used natural benefits, which led to the emergence of most of the environmental problems of our time. Prevention of a global catastrophe is in the hands of man. The future of the Earth depends only on us.

Known Facts

Most scientists assume that the problem of global warming has arisen due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases within the Earth’s atmosphere. They do not allow the accumulated heat to pass. These gases form an anomalous dome, which leads to an increase in temperature, which causes rapid changes in glaciers. This process adversely affects the overall climate of the planet.

The main ice massif is located on the territory of Antarctica. Large layers of ice on the mainland contribute to its subsidence, and rapid melting contributes to a decrease in the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe mainland. Arctic ice has a length of 14 million. sq. km.

The main reason for warming

After conducting a large number of studies, scientists concluded that the main cause of the impending disaster is human life:

  • deforestation;
  • soil, water and air pollution;
  • growth of manufacturing enterprises.
  • Glaciers are melting everywhere. Over the past half century, air temperature has increased by 2.5 degrees.

    There is an opinion among scientists that the process of global warming is dynamic, and it was launched a long time ago and human participation in it is minimal. This is an influence from the outside associated with astrophysics. Experts in this area see the cause of climate change in the location of planets and celestial bodies in space.

    Possible consequences

    There are four plausible theories

    1. The world’s oceans will rise by as much as 60 meters, which will provoke a shift in coastlines and become the main cause of coastal flooding.
    2. The climate on the planet will change due to the displacement of ocean currents, it is very difficult to more clearly predict the consequences of such shifts.
    3. Melting glaciers will lead to epidemics, which will be associated with a large number of victims.
    4. Natural disasters will increase, leading to famine, drought, and fresh water scarcity. The population will have to migrate inland.

    Already people are experiencing these problems. Many regions suffer from floods, large tsunamis, earthquakes, weather changes. Until now, scientists around the world are struggling to solve the problem of melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. It is they who represent the richest supply of fresh water, which, due to warming, melts and goes into the ocean.

    And in the ocean, due to desalination, the population of fish that is used for human fishing is declining.

    Melting Greenland


    Specialists have developed a number of measures that will contribute to the normalization of environmental problems:

  • to carry out the installation on the earth’s orbit of special protection using mirrors and appropriate shutters on glaciers;
  • breeding plants. They will be aimed at more efficient absorption of carbon dioxide;
  • use alternative sources for energy generation: install solar panels, windmills, tidal power plants;
  • convert cars to alternative forms of energy;
  • tighten controls on factories to curb unaccounted emissions.
  • Measures to prevent a global catastrophe must be taken everywhere and at all government levels. This is the only way to fight the impending disaster, reduce the number of cataclysms.

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