Middlesided US Card of deposits briefly

In terms of minerals, the United States of America is a rather rich country in the world, where a wide variety of resources of different origin is represented. The United States has significant reserves.

Combustible fossils

The USA is the leaders in coal reserves. Carboniferous pools are located in the center, in the east and in the west of the country. Brown coal is mined in the deposits of the south and north. In Alaska there is an unharcated territory where natural resources are discovered.

In terms of oil reserves, the United States occupies the eighth position in the world deposit. There are about 600 fields in the shelf of the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans, however, there are still promising places where it is worth developing, but the extraction of oil products requires material resources and high-tech equipment. There are significant oil shale deposits in the Green River Mountains and the Appalachian Basin.

metal fossils

The United States has a huge amount of reserves of a variety of ores:

  • uranium (Colorado Plateau, in the Cordillera, in the mountains of Wyoming);
  • iron (in the north in the region of Lake Superior);
  • titanium (there are several deposits in the state of New Jersey);
  • vanadium (Wyoming and Idaho, Colorado Plateau);
  • beryllium (Utah);
  • bauxites (Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama and Hawaiian Islands);
  • tungsten (western states, especially California);
  • gold (Alaska, southeast, west coast, center);
  • lithium ores (Nevada, North Carolina);
  • copper (Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Utah);
  • molybdenum (western states);
  • platinum ores (west and center);
  • lead (Missouri, Alaska, Mississippi);
  • mercury (Nevada);
  • silver (Idaho);
  • zinc (Mississippi).
  • non-metallic minerals

    The leading position of the United States takes on the reserves of phosphorite, which is produced in. North and South Carolina, Florida, California, Tenessa. Potassium salts are mined in the saline lakes of the country. Natural soda is mined in the lakes of California. There are significant reserves of Barita, and it is mined in Nevada, Missouri, Arkansas and California. Asbestos lies in the cordillera, and it is also mined in Arizon. The most important building rocks are clay and crushed stone, gravel and marble, sand and facing stones.

    Middlesided US Card of deposits briefly

    As for precious and semiprecious stones, there are deposits of turmalins, turquoise, pink quartz, nephritis, sapphires, chrysolite and petrified wood in the USA. They are mined in various states of the country (Arizona, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico).

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