Migratory birds of Eurasia and the world a list of photos with names | What birds fly south to warm edges winter

Russia is a large territory of land on which many species of birds live. The list of birds of Eurasia includes about 780 species. About a third of birds are migratory. Often they are called migrating, since after the onset of cold weather they have to temporarily leave their usual terrain and migrate to the territory of wintering.

Where the migratory birds fly away

Migratory birds make constant seasonal movements from the place of nesting to the place of wintering. They fly in both long and short distances. The average speed of birds of different sizes during the flight reaches 70 km/h. Flights are made in several stages, with stops for feeding and rest.

It is known that not all males and females from one pair migrate together. Separated pairs are reunited in the spring. The end point of bird travel is becoming places with similar weather conditions. Forest bird is looking for zones with a similar climate, and field birds are looking for territories with similar food.

List of migratory birds

Village Swallow

These birds from Eurasia spend the winter in Africa and South Asia. Swallows fly at low altitude during the day.

Gray heron

Migration in these birds has been taking place since late August, they fly mainly in the evening and night. During the migration of herons, they can reach a flight altitude up to 2000 meters.


This small bright bird migrates in the autumn over long distances and winters in tropical Asia and Africa.

Black haircut

Swind of winters at the cuts begins in early August. The flight of birds occurs through Ukraine, Romania and Turkey. Their final stop is the African continent. The duration of the migration of the cutting reaches 3-4 weeks.


Modern technologies allow you to monitor the migration of geese in real time. The main areas of wintering are countries of Western and Central Europe.


These birds arrive in late April early May. The autumn flight begins in August and occurs until the end of September, nightingales fly away at night, without forming flocks.


Most of these birds, in the cold season, move to the south of Europe, to Egypt, Algeria and India. They return to the places of nesting early when the snow lies.


Zaryanka belongs to migrants for average distances.

Field Lark

In the spring, one of the very first, in March, arrives in the spring of wintering. Larks fly both day and night in small flocks.


Most often, quails during migration move through the Balkans and the Middle East. The first span flocks are almost entirely made of males.

Ordinary cuckoo

The cuckoo basically flies at night. It is believed that cuckoo can fly up to 3600 km per flight without stopping.

Swamp Kamyshevka

Arrive at their native area only at the end of May. Flies for wintering in central and southern Africa.

White wagtail

Autumn migration is a natural continuation of the summer nomads of young and who have finished the reproduction of adults. Migration occurs mainly along reservoirs.


The average migration speed of the fins is 70 km per day. Females arrive a few days later than males.

Kamyshovaya oatmeal

They fly in the spring when snow still lies around. Most often fly in pairs or alone. Can fly along with finches and wagons.

What birds fly south the first?

First of all, birds fly away, which are very dependent on the air temperature. It:

  1. Claus
  2. Cranes
  3. Storks
  4. Ducks
  5. Wild geese
  6. Swans
  7. Drozds
  8. Chizh
  9. Rooks
  10. Swallows
  11. Squights
  12. Oatmeal
  13. Larks


Many people believe that birds fly away due to the fact that they are not suitable for changes in the weather. Most migratory birds have a good warm plumage that delays heat. However, the main reason for the flights is the lack of food in the winter period. Birds flying to warm edges in winter feed mainly with worms, insects, beetles and mosquitoes. During frosts, such living creatures either dies or hibernate, so during this period of the season, birds simply do not have enough food.

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