Minerals of Africa relief, tables and deposits

Africa has a large number of minerals. Of particular importance are the resources for various industries of metallurgy, which are provided by various African countries.

Deposits in the south

In the southern part of the mainland lies a huge number of different ores. Chromites, tungsten, manganese are mined here. A large-scale graphite deposit was discovered on the island of Madagascar.

Of great importance for African countries is the extraction of precious metals such as gold. It is mined in South Africa. In addition, South Africa has a large amount of lead, uranium ores, tin, cobalt and copper. Zinc, molybdenum, lead and manganese are mined in the north.

Mining in the north and west

There are oil fields in the north of the continent. Morocco is considered its main producer. In the area of ​​​​the Atlas mountain range near Libya there is a strip of occurrence of phosphorites. They are valuable for metallurgy and chemical industry. Various fertilizers for the agricultural industry are still produced from them. It should be emphasized that half of the world’s phosphorite reserves are mined in Africa.

Oil and coal are the most valuable African minerals. Their large deposits are located in the region of the river. Niger. Various iron and non-ferrous ores are mined in West Africa. There are deposits of natural gas on the west coast, which is exported to various countries of the world. This is a cheap and efficient fuel used in everyday life and industry.

Minerals of Africa relief, tables and deposits

Types of minerals in Africa

If we group all minerals, then coal and oil can be attributed to the group of combustibles. Their deposits are located not only in South Africa, but also in Algeria, Libya, Nigeria. Ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals aluminum, copper, titanium-magnesium, manganese, copper, antimony, tin are mined in South Africa and Zambia, in Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo.

The most valuable metals are platinum and gold is mined in South Africa. Among the gems there are diamond deposits. They are used not only in jewelry, but also in various industries due to their hardness.

The African continent is rich in various minerals. For some rocks and minerals, African countries make a significant contribution to world mining performance. The largest number of deposits of various rocks is located in the south of the mainland, namely in South Africa.

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