Minerals of Eurasia mining, relief, map, tables and deposits

Russia occupies a vast territory on the planet, respectively, there is a huge number of mineral deposits. Their number is almost 200 thousand. The largest reserves in the country of natural gas and potash salts, coal and iron, cobalt, nickel and oil. Since the territory is distinguished by different forms of relief, various rocks and minerals are mined in the mountains, on the plains, in the forest, in the coastal zone.

combustible minerals

The main combustible rock is coal. It occurs in layers, and is concentrated in the Tunguska and Pechora fields, as well as in the Kuzbass. Peat is mined in large quantities, which is necessary for the production of acetic acid. It is also used as a cheap fuel. Oil is the most important strategic reserve of Eurasia. It is mined in the basins of the Volga region, the West Siberian and the North Caucasus. Quite a lot of natural gas is produced in the country, which is a cheap and affordable source of fuel. Oil shale is considered the most important fuel, which is mined in abundance.


in Eurasia there are significant deposits of ores of various origins. Various metals are mined from rocks. Iron is produced from magnetic iron ore, iron ore and iron ore. The largest amount of iron ore is mined in the Kursk region. There are also deposits in the Urals, Altai and Transbaikalia. Among other rocks, apatite, siderite, titanomagnetite, oolitic ores, quartzites and hematites are mined. Their deposits in the Far East, Siberia and Altai. Of great importance is the extraction of manganese (Siberia, the Urals). Chromium is being mined at the Saranovskoye deposit.

Other breeds

There are a number of species used in construction. These are clay, feldspar, marble, gravel, sand, asbestos, chalk and hard salts. Breeds are of great importance precious, semi-precious stones and metals that are used in jewelry:













Thus, almost all existing minerals are represented in Eurasia. The country makes a huge global contribution of rocks and minerals. Oil and natural gas are considered the most valuable. Last but not least is gold, silver, and precious stones, especially diamonds and emeralds.

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