Minerals of the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic oceans

The oceans are rich not only in water resources, the world of flora and fauna, but also there are various minerals. Some of them are in the water and dissolved, others lie at the bottom. People develop various technologies to be mined, processed and used in various sectors of the economy.

metal fossils

First of all, there are significant reserves of magnesium in the oceans. Subsequently, it is used in medicine and metallurgy. Since it is a light metal, it is used for the construction of aircraft and automobiles. Secondarily, the waters of the oceans contain bromine. Having obtained it, it is used in the chemical industry and in medicine.

Minerals of the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic oceans

There are potassium and calcium compounds in the water, but they are in sufficient quantities on land, so it is not yet relevant to extract them from the ocean. In the future, uranium and gold will be mined, minerals that can also be found in water. Placers of gold nuggets are found on the ocean floor. Platinum and titanium ores are also found, which are deposited on the ocean floor. Important is zirconium, chromium and iron, which are used in industry.

Placers of metals are practically not mined in coastal areas. Probably the most promising mining occurs in Indonesia. Significant deposits of tin have been discovered here. Deposits at depth will be created in the future. So from the bottom you can extract nickel and cobalt, manganese ore and copper, steel and aluminum alloys. At the moment, metal mining is carried out in an area located to the west of Central America.

Minerals of the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic oceans

building fossils

At the moment, one of the promising areas for the extraction of natural resources from the bottom of the seas and oceans is the extraction of construction minerals. It’s sand and gravel. For this, special equipment is used. Chalk, which is also lifted from the ocean floor, is used to make concrete and cement. Construction minerals are mainly mined from the bottom of shallow water areas.

Minerals of the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic oceans

So, in the waters of the oceans there are significant resources of some minerals. These are mainly metal ores that are used in industry, medicine and other industries. The construction industry uses building minerals that rise from the bottom of the oceans. Also here you can find precious rocks and minerals such as diamonds, platinum and gold.

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