Minerals of Ukraine deposits, production, reserves map

In Ukraine, there is a huge amount of rocks and minerals that have a different distribution throughout the territory. Minerals are the most important raw material resource for the industrial industry and other sectors of the economy, and a significant part is also exported. About 800 deposits have been discovered here, where 94 types of minerals are mined.

fossil fuels

Ukraine has large deposits of oil and natural gas, hard and brown coal, peat and oil shale. Oil and gas production is carried out in the Black Sea-Crimean province, in the Precarpathian region and in the Dnieper-Donetsk region. Despite the significant volumes of these natural resources, the country still lacks them for the needs of industry and the population. Innovative equipment and technologies are required to increase the amount of oil and gas production. As for coal, it is now mined in the Lviv-Volyn basin, in the Dnieper and Donetsk basins.

ore minerals

Ore minerals are represented by various metals:

  • manganese ore (Nikopol basin and Velikotokmakskoe deposit);
  • iron (Krivoy Rog and Crimean basins, Belozerskoe and Mariupol deposits);
  • nickel ore;
  • titanium (Malyshevskoye, Stremigorodskoye, Irshanskoye deposits);
  • chromium;
  • mercury (Nikitovskoe deposit);
  • uranium (Zheltorechenskoye deposit and Kirovograd district);
  • gold (Sergeevskoye, Maiskoye, Muzhiyevskoye, Klintsovskole deposits).
  • non-metallic minerals

    Among non-metallic minerals there are deposits of rock salt and kaolin, limestone and refractory clay, as well as sulfur. Ozokerite and sulfur deposits are located in Ciscarpathia. Rock salt is mined in the Solotvinsky, Artemovsky and Slavyansky deposits, as well as in Lake Sivash. Labradorite and granites are mined mainly in the Zhytomyr region.

    Ukraine has a huge amount of valuable resources. The main wealth is coal, oil, gas, titanium and manganese ores. Among the precious metals, gold is mined here. In addition, the country has deposits of semi-precious and precious stones, such as rock crystal and amethyst, amber and beryl, jasper, which are mined in Transcarpathia, Crimea, Krivoy Rog and Azov. All minerals provide the energy industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical and construction industries with materials and raw materials.

    Mineral map

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