Miniature Bull Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo

The miniature bull terrier is friendly to children, but kids should definitely explain the rules of behavior with a dog. Their communication should take place only under the supervision of adults.

Miniature Bull Terrier

Characteristics Miniature Bull Terrier

  • Country of Origin: UK
  • The size: Small
  • Growth: 26-36 cm
  • The weight: up to 8 kg
  • Age: up to 14 years old
  • FCI breed group: Terriers

Brief information

  • Cheerful, cheerful, and very energetic dogs;
  • They are stubborn and persistent in achieving the goal;
  • With the wrong upbringing, they can be aggressive and pugnacious.

Character Miniature Bull Terrier

Back in the 19th century, English breeders began to notice that smaller puppies were found in the litter of ordinary bull terriers, but they did not attach much importance to this. But later, already in the 20th century, it turned out that smaller bull terriers were excellent rat hunters, they coped with rodents much better than their large comrades. So in the 1930s, active breeding of miniature bull terriers began. To reduce the size of the dogs, they were crossed with toy terriers, but the result was not very successful: the dogs lost their hunting qualities.

After a few years of calm, breeders again became interested in Miniature Bull Terrier, and selection work began. Since 1963, these dogs have received the right to participate in exhibitions, and the final breed standard was adopted in 1991.

Despite its small size, the miniature bull terrier cannot be called a toy dog. This is a brave, brave, and even dangerous dog. Like his larger companion, the Miniature Bull Terrier has a massive jaw, a good grip, and a brave character. Therefore, he needs early socialization and training, which is preferably carried out together with a professional dog handler, especially if you do not have experience in raising a dog. Without proper training, the Miniature Bull Terrier can become an aggressive, angry, and jealous dog.

Representatives of the breed are very active, they love joint sports and fetching exercises with the owner. This is a devoted and faithful friend who will follow his “leader” everywhere. I must say that these pets do not tolerate loneliness, and therefore you can’t leave them alone for a long time: the dog’s character can deteriorate from longing.

Mini Bull Terriers are playful and almost always in a cheerful mood. The dog subtly feels the mood of the owner and will try in every possible way to cheer him up. By the way, the Miniature Bull Terrier loves praise and affection. It can be used almost on a par with a treat as a reward during training.

With other pets, the Miniature Bull Terrier quickly finds a common language, especially if he grows up surrounded by older comrades. But on the street, the dog can not always restrain itself from hunting instincts and aggression in relation to smaller animals affect.


Miniature Bull Terrier is unpretentious in care. It is enough to wipe the short wool of the pet with a damp towel or just with your hand once a week. Particular attention in caring for the dog should be paid to the health of the eyes, ears, and teeth.

Conditions of detention

The most important thing in the content of the miniature bull terrier is frequent long walks, including action games and running. This dog will feel great in a city apartment, provided that sufficient physical exertion. Otherwise, the Miniature Bull Terrier will direct energy in a different direction, and furniture, wallpaper, and personal belongings of family members will fall under the blow.

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