Minoga River and Sea photos and description of fish, benefits and harm where it looks, what looks like, the structure

Payers are similar to acne, but they have no jaws, and they are relatives of Mixin, not acne, not acne. There are more than 38 types of lampreys. They are easy to recognize by a funnelshaped mouth with sharp teeth.

Description of the lamprea

These fish are similar to acne shape. They have elongated, elliptical forms of round bodies with a couple of eyes on both sides of the head. Plowers have a cartilage skeleton, they do not have scales and pairing fins, but there are one or two elongated spinal fins located close to the tail fin. Their mouths are the embodiment of a nightmare: round mouths with leveled rows of sharp, facing teeth. Seven external gill holes are visible on each side of the body near the head.

The habitat of the Layout

The choice of habitat by these creatures depends on the life cycle. While they are in the larval stage, tenants live in streams, lakes and rivers. They prefer areas with a soft mud bottom where creatures hide from predators. Adult carnivorous species of landfills migrate into the open ocean, simple species remain in freshwater habitats.

In which regions do lamprey live

The Chilean lamprey lives only in the south of Chile, while the Australian marsupial tenant lives in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and some parts of Australia. A number of species live in Australia, USA, Greece, Mexico, in the northern polar circle, Italy, Korea, Germany, other parts of Europe and other countries.

What are the lamprey

For carnivorous species, the main source of food is the blood of various freshwater and sea fish. Some victims of lampreys:

  • herring;
  • trout;
  • Macreli;
  • salmon;
  • sharks;
  • Sea mammals.
  • Payers dig into the prey using the sucker-throat, clench the skin with teeth. Small species of fish after such a traumatic bite and constant blood loss die.

    Lamprey and interaction with a person

    Some species of lampreys feed on local fish species, damage and reduce the population, for example, lake trout, which has high commercial value. Loars are damaged not only by water life, but also to the economy. Scientists reduce the invasive population of lands, introduce sterilized males into the ecosystem.

    Do people taming lapdogs

    None of the types of lands was domesticated. Loars will not be good pets in a pond, because they should eat live fish, and it is difficult to care for them. Nontowering views do not live long.

    Various types of lands have different needs. Anadromic species of lampreys after the larval stage move from fresh water to salty water. Farm species live in conditions of salt water, but for reproduction they need to move into fresh water. This makes it quite difficult to breed lampreys in aquariums at home. Freshwater species do not live for a long time after metamorphosis.

    Behavioral features of a lamprea

    These creatures do not show complex behavior. Farm clocks find the owner and feed on him until the victim will die. As soon as the lamprey are ready for reproduction, they migrate back to the places where they were born, give offspring and die. Members of simple species remain at their place of birth and do not eat after metamorphosis. Instead, they immediately give offspring and die.

    How the lampreys propagate

    Spawning occurs at the birthplace of most species, and all the lampree multiply in the freshwater environment. Linsems build nests on stones in the riverbed. Males and females are located above the nest and release eggs and sperm.

    Both parents will die shortly after the propagation stage. Larvae are removed from eggs, they are called ammocet. They burrow into the mud and filter the food until they are ready to turn into adult laines.

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