Moderate climatic belt of Eurasia temperature, precipitation, territory

A moderate climatic belt is present on all lands of the Earth, except Antarctica. In the southern and northern hemispheres, they have some features. In general, a moderate climate is on 25% of the earth’s surface. The distinctive feature of this climate is that it is inherent in all seasons, and four seasons are clearly traced. The main ones are sultry summer and frosty winter, transitional spring and autumn.

Change of seasons

In winter, the air temperature drops much lower than zero degrees, an average of –20 degrees Celsius, and the minimum drops to –50. Precipitation falls in the form of snow and covers the ground with a thick layer, which in different countries lasts from several weeks to several months. There are many cyclones.

Summer in a temperate climate is quite hot the temperature is more than +20 degrees Celsius, and in some places and +35 degrees. The average annual rainfall in various regions varies from 500 to 2000 millimeters, which depends on remoteness from the seas and oceans. A lot of rains falls in the summer, sometimes up to 750 mm per season. In transitional seasons, minus and plus temperatures can last different time. There are more heat in some territories, and in others coolness. In some regions, autumn is quite rainy enough.

In a temperate climatic zone during the year, heat energy with other latitudes occurs during the year. The transfer of water vapor from the oceans to land is also carried out. A fairly large number of water bodies inside the mainland are found here.

Poderate climate subtypes

Due to the influence of some climatic factors, such subspecies of the temperate belt were formed:

  • Sea summer is not very hot with a large amount of precipitation, and soft winter;
  • Mussonon the weather regime depends on the circulation of the air masses, namely the monsoons;
  • transitional from sea to continental;
  • sharply-content-winters are harsh and cold, and the summer is short and not very hot.
  • Features of moderate climate

    In the conditions of a temperate climate, various natural zones are formed, but most often these are coniferous forests, as well as broadleaved, mixed. Sometimes the steppe is found. The animal world is represented respectively by individuals for forests and steppe.

    Thus, the temperate climate covers most of Eurasia and North America, in Australia, Africa and South America is represented by several foci. This is a very special climatic belt, differs in that all seasons are pronounced in it.

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