Modern problems of the North Crimean Canal

The Crimean peninsula is experiencing considerable hardships with drinking water. Particularly with water supply. First of all, they are trying to solve this issue in the Krasnoperekopsky district, because the very quality of the liquid is reduced here, since the level of mineralization is high. In other words, sea water simply flows through the pipes in the apartments of local residents.

The lack of drinking water in the northern part of the peninsula began due to the blocking of the North Crimean Canal. It pumped water from the Dnieper.

There is no water in the canal, and rains are not very frequent here. Reservoirs, which are filled with mountain rivers, supply water to irrigation systems only partially. On the territory of the peninsula, small reservoirs began to dry up. Water disappears.

Modern problems of the North Crimean Canal

Water for the population is obtained from underground sources. However, in addition to the population, there are also large enterprises: “Brom”, “Crimean Titan” and others, which also need fresh water. Some experts predicted that the water accumulated in the underground sources of the peninsula would be enough for only two years.


Two options have been proposed to address this issue:

Modern problems of the North Crimean Canal
  • construction of a station that will desalinate sea water. However, its cost is too high, and so far there is no investor. Therefore, this option was decided to be postponed;
  • transfer of drinking water from the Taigan reservoir. Part of it will go through the North Crimean Canal, and part through the pipeline. However, for this project to start, it must be approved by a chemical company.
  • Today this problem is almost solved. The canal began to fill with water from the Taigan reservoir, as planned. The Belogorsk reservoir, as well as the Biyuk-Karasu river, were added to help him. The water level in the channel gradually increases. Pumping stations will start working soon.

    In addition, exploration of new underground springs is underway. They were often “stumbled upon” when the canal itself was being built. They will also fill the North Crimean Canal with water.

    Algae growth

    But it is worth saying that a new problem with water has appeared this is an abundant growth of algae. They clog the cleaning filters, because of this, the water flow is reduced. In addition, pumping stations pumping water for agriculture suffer.

    You can solve this problem by adding a filter. It is proposed to make it in the form of a net that will trap debris or run a special trawl through the channel, which will clean the filter. However, both require additional costs, and the state is not yet ready for them.

    Some experts suggest launching certain types of fish there that will eat algae. But it’s also not the best solution. It will take a long time for them to grow up and breed. By that time, algae will cover almost the entire channel.

    We can say that the problems of the North Crimean Canal are already being solved, but there is still a lot of work. And the longest artificially created river still continues to exist. Although many simply did not hope for it.

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