Mokrukh is purple photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Mokruha purple (Lat. Chroogomphus Rutilus) is a mushroom from the Mokrukhov family. It is simply distinguished from others due to recognizable appearance, which is expressed in memorable color and quite large sizes.


The hat of the purple mokrukh does not stand out in size and on average reaches 10 cm in diameter. At a young age, it often has a convex and rounded shape, as well as a distinct dumb hill in the middle. Upon reaching adult age, the form changes and becomes almost straight, and sometimes even concave. The peel of the hat is smooth, after rains it is covered with mucus, but it becomes wet only for a short period of time, after which it again becomes dry and pleasant to the touch. The hat itself has different and unusual colors, which vary from a reddish, even wine shade, to purple, which we see in the name, copper, orange and yellow.

There are few plates, they are quite wide and rare, they can branch. In a young mushroom, they are completely closed by the cover of mucus, which is barely distinguishable. At first, the color of the plates is pale and yellow, over time it becomes like a shade of cinnamon, and when the spores of the wet ripen dirty, almost black.

The length of the legs can reach 10 cm, and the width is 2-3 cm, it is also often a little curved and becomes narrower to the base. The color of the legs does not differ much from the hat, it simply becomes slightly lighter, the surface itself is smooth, silky, as a result of which the remains of the bedspread. In the ring zone there is a sharp, albeit slight expansion, and the shade becomes noticeably darker, becoming almost indistinguishable from the hat.

The leg in the context of the lilac, to the base becomes yellow, and the pulp of the hat and lilac hat, has no taste and smell. When you soak the mushroom or boil, it becomes bright purple, which is why Mokrukh got its name.

Very often, this species is affected by a hypomitzes, as a result of which its plates acquire a bluish tint, as can be seen in this photo.

Where and when it grows

Mokruha purple is not very common in Eurasia, but you can see it almost anywhere in the country in the Crimea, in the Caucasus and sometimes even in Siberia. This mushroom often grows on soils full of limestone, which is most in mixed and coniferous forests.

Mokruha purple (pine)


One of the key advantages of Mokrukh Purpurova is an almost complete absence of similar species and doubles. This mushroom can only be confused with other edible representatives of the same type, so the search is devoid of any health risks.

The pink mokrukh is similar in structure and color, especially during the rain, with its brother, but has a significant and most important difference-the size that rarely reaches at least 5 cm, which is why it is not a problem to distinguish it and mokrukhu is not a problem.
This mushroom is growing mainly in the mountains, in principle, is a rare representative of its type. In addition, although it belongs to edible mushrooms, the pink mokrokh has a sugary and unpleasant taste, because of which it is eaten even less often than they find.

Mokrukh is pink

Spruce mokrukh. This mushroom is much more similar to the purple mokrokha-the dimensions are the same, the structure is similar, the only noticeable difference can be called a color that does not have a wine tint, mainly red or gray-purple.
Spruce mokrokh, as can be determined from the name, grows in spruce forests and often enters with spruce in symbiosis.

Mokruha spruce

Cooking recipes

You can collect mugs with legs, but if you find large, it is not forbidden to cut off only the hat, leaving the mushroom and the mushroom lumpy untouched. Cleaning the mushroom lends itself without any problems.
Purple mokrukhs are quite universal in essence, they can be eaten in any form boiled, salty, fried and even canned. If desired, you can make a flour product, for example pies.
If we talk about specific recipes, then you should pay attention to those that will be presented below:

one. Sauce. From the wet, a nutritious, but at the same time does not have a large number of calories, which can be consumed even with hearty pieces of meat. Also, following the advice of nutritionists, the best sauce of this mushroom is served in combination with sour cream or soy.  As a highlight, you can add a pair of drains that will add a characteristic acidic.
2. Mokrukhi Purpurova soup. Subject to the correct proportions, you can get tasty, but easy to prepare soup. For him, you need to boil 0.5 kg of mushrooms for forty minus, and then add several large potatoes to the broth, which should be cut. If there is a desire, the resulting soup can be diluted with pasta by abandoning them 5-10 minutes until finished. To feel the taste and get the perfect mushroom soup, you need to add some spices at your discretion, and then serve to the table, before that, allowing the dish to cool down a little.
3. Korean snack. Having cleaned the peel of the fungus from the film, it is necessary to cook the purple mokrukh for 15-20 minutes until finished. After your mushrooms are fairly cooked, you need to fry them with onions and add carrots in Korean to the resulting dish.

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