Mongolian shepherd dog banhar: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Mongolia
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    55–70 cm
  • The weight:
    55–60 kg
  • Age:
    up to 20 years
  • FCI breed group:
    Not recognized
  • Brief information

  • Phlegmatic, balanced;
  • Another name for the breed is banhar;
  • Smart, sensitive;
  • Unsociable, do not trust strangers.
  • Character

    Mongolian Shepherd an ancient native breed of dogs, the age of which has millennia. Some scholars have suggested that her direct ancestor is the Tibetan Mastiff, but further study disproved this theory. Today, experts are inclined to believe that the Mongolian Shepherd Dog is an independent descendant of the steppe wolf.

    Throughout the history of the breed, this dog in Mongolia has been more than just an animal. She was valued, honored and respected. She was a nurse and a guard, a protector and first mate. It is known for certain that the Mongolian shepherd dogs accompanied Genghis Khan’s armies of many thousands in his campaigns.

    The name “bankhar”, which means “rich in fluff”, presumably comes from the Mongolian word “bavgar” “bear-like”.

    Mongolian Shepherd Dogs have a reputation for not being too sociable and contact dogs. And this is no coincidence: distrustful of strangers, they are rarely ready to immediately let a person close to them. Moreover, in case of danger, representatives of the breed immediately respond to the situation. They are ferocious and fast, which is why they are considered one of the best guard dog breeds. But without an exceptional reason, the pet will not act. Mongolian Shepherd Dogs are smart and quick-witted. They are observant and follow with interest what is happening around them. In training, these are stubborn and sometimes too independent students. The owner of a banhar will most likely have to seek the help of a cynologist.

    In the family circle, Banhars are affectionate, friendly and playful. Of course, these dogs do not need the owner’s care so much, you do not need to spend 24 hours a day with them. But they just need to be close to their family, protect it and protect it.

    Dogs of this breed are very loyal to children. They are happy to support active children’s games. But in order for the entertainment to be safe, the dog must be properly educated. Experts do not recommend leaving the pet in private with kids so that he does not accidentally injure the child.

    Banhar is a domineering, independent dog, therefore its relationship with other animals largely depends on the behavior of the latter. If they are not ready to put up with the leadership of the Mongolian Shepherd Dog, conflicts will arise. If the puppy appeared in the family later, then he will treat his older relatives with respect.


    The working Mongolian shepherd dog has an amazing appearance. Since its main purpose is to protect the herd from wolves, it looks appropriate. Over time, the hair of a banhar rolls into dreadlocks, which create a kind of protective “armor” from the teeth of a wild predator. In Mongolia, such dogs are especially valued.

    If the pet is a show pet or purchased as a companion, its coat should be combed out every week and, if necessary, a haircut.

    Conditions of detention

    Freedom-loving steppe Mongolian shepherd dogs are not intended to be kept in a city apartment or on a leash. They can guard the house, living in their own enclosure, but they need to be given the opportunity to walk daily.

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