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More than 400 species of monkeys live on our planet. Also distinguished halfcarriers, which include lemurs, shortfuel and dumbdoors. Primates are as similar as possible to humans and have unique intelligence. Mammals differ significantly from each other depending on the habitat. Some of them can grow up to only 15 cm (dwarf monkeys), while others reach the size of up to 2 meters (males of the gorilla).

Classification of monkeys

Monkeys for a long period of time are studied by scientists. There are a variety of classifications of mammals, the most common of which is considered the following:

  • Dolgory group;
  • Shirokolegged primates;
  • Posunky widenosed monkeys;
  • mammals Kallimiko;
  • a group of narrowlegged;
  • Gibbon;
  • orangutans;
  • gorillas;
  • chimpanzees.
  • Each of the groups has its own bright representatives, not like anyone else. Consider in more detail each of them.

    Diversion, wideskinned and game monkeys

    The first three groups of mammals belong to monkeys of small sizes. Their most tiny gnawed by them:


    Sirichta Animal length is about 16 cm, the weight rarely exceeds 160 g. A distinctive feature of monkeys are huge, round in shape, convex eyes.

    Bankansky will be tuned

    Bancan Dolgoil a small primat, also having large eyes with a brownish iris.

    Dimensions will be brought

    The bone is disturbed one of the rarest species of monkeys, having thin, long fingers and a woolen brush on the end of the tail.

    Shirokopushed monkeys distinguishes from other mammals the presence of a wide nasal septum and 36 teeth. They are represented by the following views:

    Kapucinshaped a feature of animals is a grasping tail.


    Plaxa this type of mammals is listed in the Red Book. The name of the monkey got due to their unique lingering sounds that they make.


    Favi monkeys grow up to 36 cm, while their tail is about 70 cm. Little brown Primates with black limbs.

    Whitebreasted capucin

    Whitebreasted kapucin is distinguished by a white spot on the chest and a prime muzzle. Brown color on the back and head resembles a hood and a mantle.


    Saki-monkey-a monkey gives the impression of a sad and thoughtful mammal, has a hood hanging on the forehead and ears.

    The following species of mammals include game broadlegged monkeys:


    Whole the length of the primacy does not exceed 35 cm. A distinctive feature is oblong claws on the fingers of the legs, which allow you to jump from branch to branch and grab it perfectly for them.

    Dwarf a bundle

    Dwarf buy the length of the animal is 15 cm, while the tail grows up to 20 cm. The monkey has a long and thick hair of a golden hue.

    Black Tamarin

    Black Tamarin a small dark monkey growing up to 23 cm.


    Crested tamarin in some sources the monkey is called Pinche. When the animal is worried, a crest rises on the head. Primates have a white breast and front legs, all other parts of the body are red or brown.

    Peggy Tamarin

    Peggy Tamarin a distinctive feature of the monkey is a completely naked head.

    Small size allows you to keep some animals even at home.

    Kallimiko, narrowlegged and gibbon monkeys

    Kallimiko monkeys were recently allocated in a separate class. A bright representative of mammals is:


    Marmosett animals combined different features of other species of monkeys. Primates have the structure of the paws, like the game monkeys, teeth, like capacins and muzzle, like Tamarins.

    Representatives of the Uzkonosa group of monkeys can be found on the territory of Africa, India, Thailand. These include monkey animals with front and hind limbs of the same length; do not have wool on the muzzle and strained areas under the tail.


    Hussar monkeys with white noses and powerful, sharp fangs. Animals have a longlegged body and an elongated muzzle.

    Green monkey

    Green monkey differ in swampcolored wool on the tail, back and crown. The monkeys also have hinting bags, like hamsters in which food supplies are stored.

    Javanese macaque

    Javanese Makak another name “Krabed”. Monkeys have beautiful brown eyes and greenish wool, casting grass.

    Japanese Makak

    Japanese macaques animals have a thick wool that creates the impressions of a large individual. In fact, monkeys of medium-sized and because of a long hairline seem more than there are actually.

    A group of gibbon mammals is distinguished by palms, feet, face and ears, hair on which is absent, as well as elongated limbs.

    Representatives of Gibbonovs are:

    Silver Gibbon

    Silver Gibbon-small animals of gray-silver color with a bare muzzle, hands and black feet.

    Yellowshaped ribbon

    Yellowboss crested gibbon a distinctive feature of animals is yellow cheeks, and at birth all individuals are light, and in the process of growing up they become black.

    East huts

    Eastern huts the second name “singing monkey”. Animals are distinguished by white hair located above the eyes of mammals. It seems that the primates have gray eyebrows.

    Siamang is rally

    Siamang is rally from this group, Siamhang is considered the largest monkey. The presence of a throat bag on the neck of the animal distinguishes it from other representatives of gibbon.

    Dwarf gibbon

    Dwarf gibbon animals have long front limbs that drag along the ground when moving, so monkeys often go with their hands thrown behind their heads.

    It should be noted that all gibbon do not have a tail.

    Orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees

    Orangutangi (or orangutans) are massive large monkeys with hooking fingers and fat growths on the cheeks. Representatives of this group are:

    Sumatransky Orangutan

    Sumatran orangan animals have a fiery wool color.

    Bornei Orangutan

    Bornei orangutan primates can grow up to 140 cm and weigh about 180 kg. Monkeys have short legs, a large body and hands hanging below the knees.

    Kalimantan Orangan

    Kalimantan Orangan-differs in brown-red wool and a skull concave in the front part. Monkeys are owners of large teeth and powerful lower jaw.

    The representatives of the Gorilla group include such species of monkeys:

  • The coastal gorilla the maximum weight of the animal is 170 kg, height is 170 cm. If the females are completely black, then the males have a silver strip on their backs.
  • Plain gorilla-differs in brown-gray fur, habitat-mango thickets.
  • Mountain gorilla animals are listed in the Red Book. Have thick and long hair, the skull is narrower, and the front limbs are shorter than the rear.
  • Chimpanzees rarely grow more than 150 cm and have a weight of more than 50 kg. The species of monkeys of this group include:


    Bonobo animals are recognized as the smartest monkeys in the world. Primates have black wool, dark skin and pink lips.

    Chimpanzees are ordinary

    Common chimpanzees-owners of brown-black wool with white stripes near the mouth. Monkeys of this species move only on the legs.

    The monkeys also include a black Revun, a crowned (blue) monkey, pale saki, raincoat pavian, kahau.

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