Mookhovik is motley photo and description of an edible mushroom

The motley mossy (Xerocomus chrysenteron) is a mushroom that belongs to the Belotovs family and the family. Mookhovik the motley is entered in the Red Book of the Sakhalin Region. This mushroom is guarded in the Kuril reserve.


The hat of the mossy mottle is fat. The hat of the young mushroom has a convex shape, as it is aging, this part is noticeably flattened. The skin is quite dry, it looks like a felt to the touch. As the moss is aged, the skin is cracking and pink pulp is shown.

Sporiferous layer of mushroom tube. The mouth of the tubes are painted in yellow in young specimens and in gray in old mushrooms. If you click on the Himenopher, it will be painted in blue. Spore powder of olive color, spores have a spindleshaped shape.

The leg has a cylindrical shape, this part of the fungus narrows down. The length of the legs varies from 8 to 10 cm, the thickness of this part is about one and a half cm. Leg without hiding inside. The leg is painted in brown or red with a yellow tint. The pulp of the legs is reddish, it also turns blue when pressed.

Where it grows

This mushroom can be found in a temperate belt in Eurasia. The largest populations are located in the Far East and Siberia. Mokhovik loves loose sour soils, this mushroom can be found in coniferous forests, often creates symbiosis with linden. Mokhoviki usually do not grow in groups, single specimens are more common.


A wellknown double is a chestnut gyroporus. This mushroom is inedible due to the fact that the pulp has a very bitter taste. The mushroom hat also cracks as it is aging. The double can be distinguished by a hollow leg. The pulp at the chestnut mushroom does not oxidize on the break.

Gyroporus is chestnut

Another similar species is pepper mushroom. The flesh blushes on the fault, the hymenopher at the double red double.

Pepper mushroom

Another double gall mushroom. This mushroom is poisonous. The double hat is painted yellow, the pulp of the gall mushroom becomes pink on the break.

Gall mushroom


Mokhovik motley edible mushroom. It can be boiled and frying. For eating, only young specimens should be chosen, because old mushrooms after processing become bitter and almighty.

Mushrooms begin to collect in July, the collection season ends in December.

Interesting Facts

  1. The 100 g of Mojovik of motto contains 19 kcal. In this amount of 1.7 g of protein. There is a lot of vitamin A and calcium in the fruit body. The mushroom contains molybdenum.
  2. A motley moss can cleanse the soil of toxins and impurities of heavy metals.
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