Mount Elbrus where is on the map, coordinates, description briefly

Among the Caucasian mountains is Elbrus. Many mistakenly believe that this is a mountain, but in fact it is an old man. Its height at the western peak reaches 5642 meters, and on the eastern 5621 meters. 23 glaciers flow from his slopes. Mount Elbrus has been attracting adventurers for several centuries, dreaming of conquering her. These are not only climbers, but also lovers of skiing, people who lead an active lifestyle and tourists. In addition, this old man is included in the seven miracles of Eurasia.

The first ascent to Elbrus

The first ascent to Elbrus took place on July 22, 1829. It was an expedition that took place under the leadership of George Arsenievich Emmanuel. The rise was carried out not only by Russian scientists, but also by the military, as well as the conductors who conducted the members of the expedition along the paths who knew well. Of course, people rose to Elbrus long before 1829, but this expedition was the first official, and its results were documented. Since then, a huge number of people are climbing the top.

The danger of Elbrus

Elbrus is a kind of Mecca for tourists and climbers, so this place is actively visited, and this brings local residents a good profit. However, this volcano is only temporary, and at any time a powerful eruption may begin. In this regard, the rise to the mountain is an unsafe occupation, as well as the threat hangs over people who live nearby with a volcano. The danger is double, since people can suffer not only from the eruption of the volcano, but also from the glaciers that constantly pulsate. If you decide to conquer Elbrus, then follow all safety measures, follow the instructor and follow all its instructions. You need to be prepared for any situation there.

Lowing routes

In the area of ​​Elbrus, infrastructure is well developed. There are hotels, shelters, tourist bases and public catering places. There is also a road and several cable. The following routes are presented for tourists:

Mount Elbrus where is on the map, coordinates, description briefly
  • classic along the southern slope of Starovkan (the most popular route);
  • classic along the northern slope;
  • on the eastern rib a more complex level;
  • Combined routes only for welltrained athletes.
  • Climbing Mount Elbrus is a romantic dream and ambitious goal of some people. This peak has long attracted tourists, but it needs to be conquered with all caution, since the mountain is quite dangerous, since there are glaciers here and at any moment the volcano can start eruption, which will destroy thousands of people.

    Mount Elbrus where is on the map, coordinates, description briefly
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