Mouse family representatives of the mouse rodent detachment | Types and photos

The mouse family belongs to the rodent detachment. It is divided into four subspecies and unites many genera and types. All these rodents differ in appearance, habitat, food habits. Many of the family are synanthropes (their existence is closely related to human life and activity). The body length of the smallest representative is only 5 cm, and the largest – 48 cm.

These mammals are widespread around the world, excluding Antarctica. Including to where they did not live historically, they were brought by accident (for example, during ships in the ports of countries of other continents). So they appeared in North and South America.

White mouse

Redeyed honey

Low mouse

Persian gerbil

Harvest mouse

Striped mouse


Fluffy gerbil

Japanese mouse


Mouse play a big role in the nature and lives of people. They help the spread of some plants and are food for predators. Are also carriers of parasites and serious diseases.

Due to the fact that mice genes and human genes coincide by 80%, they are used as experimental animals. In laboratory conditions, most drugs, vaccines, cosmetic and other means are tested for them. With their help they study the course of various infectious and genetic diseases inherent in people. Also, people specifically start certain species in their own quality pets.

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