Muravieded photo and description of the animal where it lives, what eats, interesting facts

The Muravedov family includes 3 species and 11 subspecies.


The most miniature representative is a dwarf or doublefingered ant. The length of his small body is only 15 centimeters, and it weighs only 400 grams. The largest is a giant ant. The weight of this ants reaches 30 kilograms, and the length of the adult anteal reaches one and a half meters.

Giant antedead

All the subspecies of the ants of the female have fewer males. The muzzle of the ants is elongated (most of which occupies the nose) with a small mouth and an impressive length with a sticky tongue (the length of which reaches 60 centimeters in a giant antealist). The ears of ants are rounded, and the eyes are quite small. The tail for the dwarf ants and Tamandua is tenacious and helps to hold on to the branches. The front paws are armed with powerful claws. The fur is quite thick and, depending on the subspecies, of various lengths (in dwarf the fur is short, the giant hair has longer). The coloring also depends very much on the subspecies.


The main territory of Muraveded’s residence is the South American continent and Central America. The main population spread in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The northern part of the spread of Muravede Mexico. These animals are very thermophilic, so they prefer only warm regions. Mostly antealists live in forests and plains with high grass.

What eats

Absolutely all the subspecies of an antaead diet consists of termites (the most beloved food for ants) and ants. But other small insects can also get into the diet.

Muraveded has an exceptional scum with the help of which he tracks the colony of insects. As soon as the ants attacks the Termite path, he follows them to the terminal. After that, powerful claws break the walls and launches a sticky and incredibly long tongue. The defending termites-soldiers attack the ants with their secrets, which makes him retire and, with the help of his stunning smell, find the wall, behind which the main population is hidden and continues its feast.

Muravieded never exterminate the colony to the end, leaving about a third to restore the population.

Natural enemies

Muravedes have enough enemies in the wild, despite the powerful defense. Representatives of the cat family panthers and jaguars, poses the main threat to ants.

Also, a natural enemy for ants is a good.

As for most animals of our planet, a person is also an enemy and threat to ants.

Interesting Facts

  1. During food intake, the tongue of the ants moves at a speed of one hundred and sixty times per minute. And at the same time, on a day, he can destroy about 30 thousand termites.
  2. During the attack of Panther or Jaguar, the ants lie down on his back and begins to actively and randomly wave all four paws. Since his paws are quite sharp and powerful claws, this type of protection is very effective.
  3. Muraveda very peaceful animals with a mild character. They easily tame and get along well with other pets. The only important nuance is the temperature regime. Ants do not like cold at all. The best temperature for them is over 26 degrees Celsius.
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